A border guard has been killed in a bomb blast near the Moroccan border

The Algerian border guard was killed and two others were injured in a bomb blast near the Moroccan border on Wednesday evening, the Defense Ministry said on Thursday (October 14).

A home-made bomb has exploded as border guards patrolled the area as part of a military operation in western Algeria.Border security and the fight against organized crimeThe bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police recruiting center at Teklen, near the Algerian-Moroccan border, on Wednesday evening.Sacrificer.

Traditionally difficult, relations between Algeria and Morocco have deteriorated in recent months, mainly due to the Western Sahara issue. Rabat controls almost 80% of this vast desert area with its rich groundwater and fish-rich frontier waters, while supporting the Algiers Policario Front’s Sahrawi separatists. At the end of August, Algeria severed diplomatic relations with Morocco.Hostile activities“Kingdom, an end”Absolutely unfair“, According to Rabat.