A fire broke out at the site of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant following a fire in Russia

New tension in the war between Russia and Ukraine. The fire broke out at the site of the Saborija nuclear power plant (Ukraine) after the fire in Russia, from Thursday night, March 3 to Friday, March 4. “Europe’s largest nuclear plant poses real threat of nuclear hazard”Spokesman Andreï Touz confirmed this in a video posted on the plant’s telegram account.

“Firefighters were unable to extinguish the scene of the fire. Shots are falling very close. The first electrical unit of the plant has already been attacked. Stop!”

Andrei Touz

In a video posted on Telegram

A stove is visible in CCTV footage broadcast live The administrative building of the nuclear power plant, a spokesman, gave an interview to Ukrainian television. The Ministry of Emergency Situations later confirmed that the fire broke out at 2:26 am (1:26 am in France). “In the building outside the nuclear power plant”.

“Nuclear safety is now guaranteed,” said the plant’s director.Oleksandre Staroukh, head of the military administration of the Zaporizhia region, added on Facebook. The Ukrainian regulator told the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that no change in radiation levels had been detected.

Dmitro Orlov, mayor of Enerhodor, explained for his part that Ukrainian forces are fighting with Russian troops on the outskirts of the city. Earlier on Thursday, Kiev told the IAEA that Russian tanks and infantry were near the town of Enerhodar, a few kilometers from the Japorizhia nuclear power plant.

“Moscow seeks nuclear power”, Condemning Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky in a video posted on his Telegram account. Earlier, his foreign minister, Dimitro Guleba, urged the attackers to stop bombing the plant site. “If it explodes, it will be ten times bigger than Chernobyl! The Russians must stop firing immediately. “.

In a statement on Thursday, IAEA Director-General Rafael Mariano Grossi called for an immediate halt to all deployment in Enerhodar and near the plant. He said the IAEA was in constant consultation with Kiev and other actors to ensure and assist in the security of Ukrainian nuclear sites.

Launched in 1985 during the Soviet Union, the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant has six reactors and supplies most of the country’s energy. On February 24, fighting took place near the Chernobyl power plant, about a hundred kilometers north of Kiev, the site of the worst nuclear accident in history, which is now in the hands of Russian troops.

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