A “heat dome” in the west brings record temperatures

A “Thermal Dome” Breaking new temperature records in western Canada on Sunday, June 27, triggered heat warnings in three provinces and two Arctic regions.

More than forty new temperature records were set over the weekend, including the Whistler Sky Resort in British Columbia. Also the high pressures of hot air blowing in the area should continue throughout the week.

“Durable, Dangerous and Historic Heat Wave”

The Environment Canada has issued warnings for British Columbia, Alberta and parts of Saskatchewan, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. “Prolonged, dangerous and historic heat wave will continue throughout this week”, Said. “Afternoon temperatures will be above 30 C on Sunday and will be around 40 C in some areas by the middle of the week.”, She adds. It is ten to fifteen degrees higher than normal.

On July 5, 1937 the highest temperature in Canada was 45 ° C in two Saskatchewan cities, a record that could be broken in the days to come.

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“It’s hotter in some parts of western Canada than Dubai”, Said David Phillips, Canada’s chief climate analyst.

Shops are no longer stocked with air conditioners and fans, cities have opened air-conditioning centers, and the Govt-19 vaccination campaign has been canceled.

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44 C forecast in Portland, USA

This heat wave “Unprecedented” It also affects the northwestern United States. The U.S. Regional Meteorological Service described the historic heat wave that hit these regions, causing many residents to experience daytime temperatures where there is no air conditioning.

Sunday’s temperature forecast in Portland, Oregon was 44 C, and the forecast calls for Monday’s equivalent. The thermometer is expected to set an all-time high of 40 degrees Celsius at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Sunday and reach 43.9 degrees Celsius on Monday.

Le Mont with AFP and AP