October 23, 2021


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A helicopter carrying tourists crashed into Kuril Lake

Kamchatka is a sprawling region with a very small population, but is admired by tourists for its volcanoes and its wild nature.

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On Thursday, August 12, a helicopter carrying 16 people, including 13 tourists, crashed into a lake on the volcanic Kamchatka Peninsula. The local government said in a statement that the MI-8 helicopter crashed into Kuril Lake in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve. “There were 3 crew and 13 passengers on board”, All “Tourists” There was a baby in it. About forty rescuers from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations and Divers were dispatched to the scene.

“Nine survivors”, Acting Local Health Minister Marina Volkova said, To TASS, the official newspaper company (In Russian). Rescue service sources quoted Russian news agencies as saying that the seven passengers and two pilots were missing. The fate of the remaining seven is not immediately known, officials said, and search and rescue operations are continuing.

According to rescuers quoted by TASS, the helicopter sank after the crash and is currently at a depth of 100 meters. An investigation into the violation of aviation safety and operating rules has been opened, the Russian intelligence agency responsible for the country’s main investigations announced in a statement.

This commercial aircraft, the route available on the company’s website, offers a voyage between Kuril Lake and Xoud Touch Volcano Massif.  (VITIAZ-AERO)

The Mi-8 helicopter of the local company Vitias-Aero is to take tourists to Kodutka, one of the volcanoes around the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. According to Vitias-Aero site (In Russian)The company uses about twenty Mi-8P type helicopters to carry tourist groups. Soviet in design, this type of helicopter, capable of carrying up to 24 people, was built between the 1960s and 1991.

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