October 25, 2021


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A pond in Patagonia will turn pink from pollution

A magical color but a very sad fact. Corbo Lagoon, located in southern Patagonia Argentina, Due to which it turned pink

Fishing companies dumped their waste into the lake, especially an industrial liquid made of sodium sulfide, which allowed the shrimp to be preserved, which gave the water this color. Companies that carry the waste from fishing companies are authorized to dump their waste in Corbo Lake.

Companies were authorized to dump their waste

“The law mandates treatment before disposing of these fluids,” recalled environmental engineer and virologist Federico Restrepo. “A contract has been made with a company (which carries the waste Peach) To expel fluids in the corpo lagoon. The red color does not cause any damage and will disappear in a few days, ”said Juan Michael, the province’s environmental control officer.

Disagreeing, Sebastian de la Vallina, planning secretary for the municipality of Trelo, responded: “Nothing so serious can be reduced. “

Odor and growth of insects

Nearly 6,000,000 people live in the province of Subat, looking towards its economy Agriculture, Agribusiness, fishing and tourism Amid the damage to the environment, residents have reported an increase in odors and pests.

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