October 25, 2021


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A student without a mask was killed by a police officer

According to the victim’s comrade, The police accused him of resisting and shot him in the face.

A police officer accused of not wearing a mask while recording video was killed by a student in Kinshasa on Saturday, July 24, while the Democratic Republic of the Congo is facing the third wave of Govt-19, the Sunday News reported. From witnesses and the media.

«Our comrade Honore Shama, a student of the Faculty of Letters at Kinshasa University, was filming the video as part of a practical work on comedy. The police officer was asked to wear a mask during the shooting“His comrade patient Odia told AFP during the incident.

«Despite his descriptions, after showing the mask, the police became angry because he was waiting to get the money instead, accusing him of resisting and shooting him in the face.“, He added. Other evidence was collected by Top Congo Radio, which is widely followed in the DRC and many online media.

«Police have arrested two police officers who were present at the time of the incident, led by an irresponsible fleeing police officer and the head of the Bel Air Police Station in Montgomery. Searching for the fleeing policemanKinshasa Police Chief General Silvano Kazongo responded to AFP.

Wearing a mask is mandatory under a fine of 10,000 Congo francs ($ 5). But in Kinshasa, police continue to be accused of keeping fines and money in their pockets without issuing a receipt.

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Since the outbreak began in March 2020, the DRC has recorded 47,786 cases and 1,021 deaths, according to health officials. Since July 10, the vaccine has been discontinued in the country, and the share of available Astrogenega vaccine has exceeded its expiration date.

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