According to Joe Biden, it is impossible to leave Afghanistan.

Inevitably, according to Joe Biden. The U.S. president, who has been sharply critical of the Taliban’s meteorite capture in Afghanistan, has said it is impossible to withdraw U.S. forces without a form. “Confusion” In the country, part of an interview aired on Wednesday, August 18th ABC Channel.

The US President also agreed to the meeting “More Difficulties” At a time when Washington is accusing the Taliban of failing to deliver on its promise of free access to Kabul airport for those who want to flee, it should expel Afghanistan rather than the Americans. He has announced that he is ready to maintain US forces in Kabul by August 31.

Idea “There was a way somehow without confusion, I don’t know how it was possible”, Joe hit the pitch. In this section, American Channel journalist George Stephanopoulos pokes pictures of hundreds of passengers on an American C-17 plane.“Fallen Afghans” In reference to the video as showing the bodies of a plane, released on Monday. Joe Biden throws and stops him: “It was four days, five days ago!”

“What did you think when you saw these pictures?”, The journalist reminds him.. “I thought: ‘We have to control this. We have to go fast. We need to move forward to take control of this airport. ‘ We did it. “Joe Biden responded. In the same interview, he dismisses the word “Failure” To qualify for withdrawal of U.S. troops. “I do not think this is a failure …”, he begins to respond to the US President before stopping.

In other words, when you have the Afghan government, the head of that government, when he gets on a plane and goes to another country and sees a significant drop in the Afghan forces we have trained, 300,000 of them give up their gear, you know … that It happened, it happened. “, He insisted. This homepager “confusion” The journalist asks if your decision to withdraw troops has already been taken into account. “Yes”, Joe Biden responds.