October 25, 2021


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Afghanistan: Taliban hang a man and hang him from a crane

This Saturday, the Taliban generally resumed their brief executions, as they did 20 years ago, to prevent possible insurgency. The new rulers of Afghanistan have executed a man accused of kidnapping in Herat, a large city in the west of the country. They then hung his body on a crane in the main square of the city. Very shocking pictures Lee was able to consult on Parisian social networks. Like a hanged man, we see a dead man hanging from a crane. A power display is also used in nearby Iran.

The scene was also documented By local witnesses to the American company AB. Wazir Ahmed Chediki, who runs a local pharmacy, told the company that a total of four bodies were brought to the square and three bodies were taken to other parts of the city for public viewing.

According to the witness, the Taliban claimed that the men were involved in the abduction and were killed by local police. The Taliban-appointed police chief in the city later said the kidnappers had abducted a father and son, and two were rescued after four people were shot dead: four suspected kidnappers.

The Taliban quickly seized control of Afghanistan in mid-August, and then began to gain international legal rights, despite fears that a radical Islamist group might recapture its past brutality. Justified fears, which have now come into effect.

Under the previous regime, the Taliban killed murderers and cut off the hands and feet of suspected highway robbers. According to Sharia law. However, Mulla Nuruddin Durabi, one of the founders of the movement, said earlier this week that the panel had decided that executions and cuts would be on the agenda again as punishment for common crimes.

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“No one will tell us what our laws should be,” Durabi told the AP. “We will follow Islam and make our laws in the Koran.” When asked about Durabi’s comments on Friday, US State Department spokesman Nate Price said the United States had “strongly condemned” them. “The actions that the Taliban are talking about here will create obvious and obvious human rights violations, and we stand firm with the international community to hold the perpetrators responsible for all these abuses,” he said. It is difficult to see how the United States will allow the perpetrators of these acts to leave the country with loss and noise. August 31.

A mechanism for monitoring human rights violations in Afghanistan?

Instead of adhering to real politics, the Biden administration at the same time this Friday granted two exemptions from sanctions imposed on the Taliban for providing humanitarian aid in the country. The first exemption recognizes the U.S. government, voluntary organizations and some international organizations and organizations that “provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan or other activities that contribute to the country’s basic needs,” according to a report by the U.S. Department of Economy. The second exemption authorizes certain transactions related to the export of agricultural products (food, seeds, fertilizers), pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

The ministry “is committed to ensuring that US sanctions do not restrict the ability of the Taliban and other organizations and individuals in Afghanistan to receive humanitarian support from the US government or the international community, while continuing to deny access to certain assets.”

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On the European side, the EU wants to adopt a resolution at the current session of the UN Human Rights Council Creation of a Reporter in Afghanistan, According to a document in circulation on Friday. In recent weeks, the European Union and the United Nations Human Rights Council High Commissioner Michael Bachelet has called on the council – in a session until October 8 – to launch a mechanism to monitor human rights abuses in Afghanistan. This may be his first future record.