October 25, 2021


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Afghanistan: The expulsion of 200 dogs and cats is controversial

UK expulsion action in Afghanistan The plane carrying its last crew took off on Saturday. At the same time, hundreds of Afghans are eligible to leave as the last flight from the Afghan capital, Kabul, took off early Saturday, leaving only civilians.

The head of the British Armed Forces, General Nick Carter, estimated that the evacuation operation would continue “as far as possible under the circumstances.” An attack The claim was made on Thursday by an Islamic State group that killed more than a hundred people, including 13 American soldiers and two British soldiers. But he felt it would be “heartbreaking” for “not being able to get everyone out”.

Employees of an association were trapped on the site

Paul Farting, a former soldier, was among the last to leave Kabul. He set off on a special charter flight to evacuate about 200 dogs and cats from a shelter in the city. “It simply came to our notice then (Farthing) And the animals left Afghanistan this afternoon and are now safe, ”his association announced on Facebook. ந z சாத்.

But at the outset of this initiative many criticisms arose in response to the arrival of candidates. “Not only that (Farthing) The Afghan staff were abandoned, but the Americans loaded their dogs on the plane while they were loading their 13 victims, ”the British newspaper quoted the British security source as saying.

The union’s Afghan staff and their relatives were unable to reach the airport for evacuation. The association promised to do their utmost to help them.

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