Ain Borkan Al Gala Net Worth: What Is Ain Borkan Al Gala Wealth? Latest News in 2022!

Ain Borkan Al Gala is a fashion model and the brother of Omar Borkan, the most famous and handsome model. He is one of the most attractive models and a worldwide celebrity. If you wish to learn more about him, you should read this article.

This fashion model’s name is Ain Borkan. His name is very lengthy. So, his relatives and friends affectionately refer to him as Ain.

He was born in Bagdad, which is a well-known city in Iraq, and is an Iraqi citizen. Ain Borkan moved with his family to Saudi Arabia at a very young age.

His childhood was spent in Arab. Additionally, he completed his education in Arab.

His birthday is October 14th, 1989. Ain is now 33 years old (in 2022). Ain has not yet wed, and he has no current plans to do so.

Professional Standard

Ain Borkan, like his brother Omar, is a fashion model. Because they are both so handsome and natural models, they have chosen modelling as a profession.

He was quite successful in his field.

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Ain Borkan Looks

Elevation- 6 feet 3 inches

Weight- 75kg

Ain Borkan, like his brother Omar, is gorgeous. He stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall. His weight is 75 kg. He maintains his physique, as he is a model.

The most attractive feature that distinguishes him from others is his lovely and glossy brown eyes. His sibling Omar has the same eye as he does. His hair is also brown in tone.

Family Sibling – Omar

The name of his brother is Omar Borkan Al Gala. He is also a model. He is less mature than Ain. However, he has accomplished a great deal at such a young age. In addition, he is more popular than Ain. He has multiple skills.

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Ain Borkan Parents

We do not know anything about his parents, but we hope to learn more in the future. We will make changes here.

Education He has a solid education. Prior to beginning his career, he completed his education. He completed his education at the public school Abu Obaida Ahjarah. This institution was situated in Dubai.

Ain then pursued his interest and finished a course in fashion design. Now, he is one of the world’s most successful models.

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Ain Borkan Hobbies

He has a strong interest in the arts and fashion. His passion is fashion. Additionally, he enjoys travelling and swimming.

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