Alexis Ohanian Net Worth: What Is His Occupation? Latest News 2022!

Alexis Kerry Ohanian is the son of Anke and Chris Ohanian; he was born on April 24, 1983 in the borough of Brooklyn, New York, in the United States. In order to save their lives during the Armenian Genocide, Chris’s parents emigrated to the United States.


In 2001, Alexis delivered the student speech to his graduating class at Howard High School, which was located in Ellicott City, Maryland. Alexis attended that school.

He continued his education at the University of Virginia, where he earned a degree in 2005 with a double concentration in history and business. Alexis was also a brother in the illustrious Alpha Kappa Psi, which is a business fraternity with a focus on technology.

How Did Alexis Ohanian Get to Where He Is Financially Today?

After graduating college, Alexis went on to start multiple technology companies. Together with Steve Huffman, he submitted a proposal to Y Combinator to develop MyMobileMenu, but the business ultimately decided not to move forward with the project. After that, Alexis built the Reddit platform and introduced it to the world in 2005 with the slogan “The Front Page of the Internet.”

Reddit was one of the first firms to participate in the incubator programme that Y Combinator launched in 2005. Conde Nast ultimately decided to acquire the website in 2007, paying somewhere between $10 million and $20 million for it. Alexis continued to work at Reddit and was given a position on the board of directors. In 2015, Alexis returned to the firm full-time in an effort to regain control of the organisation.

Ohanian made the decision to withdraw his involvement in Reddit in 2018, opting instead to concentrate on his investments. In response to the murder of George Floyd in the year 2020, he notably tendered his resignation from the Reddit board and requested that the person who took his place be an African American.

His replacement, an African American entrepreneur called Michael Seibel, was chosen by the board to take over in June of 2020. After that, the tech titan established “BreadPig” in the year 2007. The website sells fascinating and unusual gizmos, and all of the money from the sales go to various charitable organisations.

Alexis would also develop “Das Kapital Capital” in June of 2010, which was a company that specialised in providing companies with training, advisory, and consultancy programmes.

Alexis would also go on to co-found Initialized Capital in the year 2010, using the business to build investments in startups such as Opendoor, Instacart, Cruise, and Zenefits, seeding a total of over $500 million into these endeavours.

Additionally, Alexis can be heard on three other podcasts. It was in 2014 that he established NYRD Radio. The following year, he established Upvoted, and in 2020 he established Business Dad.

Productivity Routines and Individual Advantages Possessed by Alexis Ohanian

Alexis is an outspoken advocate for maintaining the openness and accessibility of the internet. Ohanian voiced his opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act in the United States Congress in 2010, as well as the PROTECT IP Act in the United States Senate in 2011. He began an internet effort to garner opposition to the measures, which ultimately resulted in their withdrawal from consideration.

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He gave a speech at the rally held by the NY Tech Meetup in New York City in the year 2012, which was part of the commencement of the nationwide protests against SOPA and PIPA.

What Is Alexis Ohanian’s Net Worth?

Alexis Ohanian is a wealthy entrepreneur and a tech titan, with an estimated fortune of $40 million. He is also a successful investor. In addition to that, he is the spouse of Serena Williams, who is one of the most decorated players in the history of women’s tennis.

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