“Algeria calls on Arab nationalism to face Morocco, closer to Israel”

Interview – Algiers’ decision to sever diplomatic relations with Rabat was surprising. It specifically provides information on the internal political situation in Algeria, explains the professor of contemporary Berber and history of Arab society at the University of Paris-Banten-Sorbonne *.

Lee Figaro. – Why did Algeria sever its diplomatic relations with Morocco?

Pierre Verman. – Algeria is multiplying its grievances against its neighbor, She blamed him. For a very long time, Algiers accused Morocco of supporting the Autonomous Movement of Capilia (MAK), a small political organization based in Paris, the Algerian superpower. Algeria’s political ideology is pure and hard Jacobinium. The cultural and linguistic autonomy claimed by the Kapil movements has always been a problem in this country.

The latest fire in northern Algeria, The government failed to turn it off, killing dozens of people. This tense area has been pushed into a serious crisis. These dramatic fires acted as a pretext for Algiers to provoke Morocco into this situation and sever diplomatic ties. In July, a Moroccan official said publicly

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