Ambitions Season 2: What is the Reason Behind the Cancellation of the Show?

The drama TV show Ambitions comes from the United States. It belongs to the soap opera and family drama genres. Jamey Giddens and Will Packer made it, and the story takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. The show was announced on April 17, 2018, and on June 18, 2019, the first episode came out on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

But the show’s second part started on November 12, 2019, on OWN. The show’s last episode came out on December 17, 2019. After just one season, the show was canceled on January 23, 2020.

On IMDB, the show has an average score. It got a score of 5.4 out of 10 on IMDB. Google says that 86% of its users who watched the show liked it. Fans, people in the audience, and people who saw it all enjoyed it. Even the critics had good things to say about the show. But in January 2020, OWN stopped making the show.

Ambitions Season 2: Will it be back on TV?

Ambitions Season 2

Ambition is a multi-generational drama and web series that first aired on OWN with many controversies. Season one started on June 18, 2019, and ended on December 17, 2019. The show has a lot of twists and turns that make it a must-watch show.

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But you won’t be able to taste this flavor in your life anymore. OWN canceled the second season of Ambition after only one season. Robin Givens wrote on Instagram, “Found out last week that Ambitions wouldn’t be back for a second season.” Even so, it was accompanied by the saddest symbol that could describe the crazy feeling.

Why Was Season 2 of Ambitions Canceled?

No clear reasons have been given yet for why the Ambition was canceled. When the show’s co-creator, Giddens, was asked why the show was canceled, he said, “Your guess is as good as mine.”

Also, he tweeted, “Our show was the number one show in black households for our time slot on both broadcast and cable, and we had more than twice as many viewers like a show on the network that was praised by critics and quickly renewed.”

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Surprisingly, this news came a month after David Makes Man was renewed. This series has lower ratings than Ambitions, putting fans in a tough spot and making them ask questions.

The Release Date of Ambitions Season 2

You did read it correctly. Ans can’t wait to discover what’s going on with the second season of their favorite show. But if they knew that the second season of Ambitions was already over, they would be unfortunate. The second season of Ambitions will not be coming back.

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OWN has confirmed the cancellation of the show. But we still don’t know why the people who made the show decided to end it. They thanked everyone who worked hard and came up with ideas to help make the show. They also said they looked forward to working with Will Packer and his talented team again.

The Cast of Ambitions Season 2

Ambitions Season 2


  • Robin Givens played Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster.
  • As Amara Hughes, Essence Atkins
  • Brian J. White plays Evan Lancaster
  • Kendrick Cross plays Titus Hughes
  • Brely Evans plays Rondell Pauline Lancaster
  • Erica Page as Bella Tru
  • Christina Kirkman plays Lori Purifoy.
  • Stephen Carlisle, played by Steven Williams
  • Brian Bosworth plays Hunter Purifoy.
  • Juniper Purifoy, played by Deena Dill
  • Gino Anthony Pesi plays Greg Peters.
  • Damian Collins, as played by Alexander Mulzac
  • Carly Lancaster, played by Kayla Smith
  • Donna Biscoe plays Irene Perkins-Carlisle.
  • Tony Vaughn played Evan “Senior” Lancaster.
  • Inez Trujillo, played by Lana Young

The Story of Ambitions Season 2 if It Renewed

The show looks at Atlanta, Georgia’s love, politics, and power. The show is about how Stephanie Carlisle and Amara Hughes, who used to be best friends at Spelman College, fight with each other. At the beginning of the season, Amara and Titus were trying to deal with personal and professional problems.

As the story continues, Atlanta’s first lady is shocked to learn a secret from her past, and Rondell is trying to save her restaurant. Bella thinks of a new plan, and Stephanie and Evan work together for their reasons. Stephanie keeps playing her best cards with Amara, and Bella is ready to give love another chance.

Evan and Rondell want Greg to do them right, and their rivalry keeps going. Ambitions Season 2 ended with Titus in a lousy situation and Bella trying to get away from Stephanie, who is playing a game with her.

Trailer of Ambitions Season 2

Because the second season of Ambitions has already been canceled, we cannot expect to discover a trailer or teaser for it on YouTube. However, the first season’s teaser is Embedded below. 

If you enjoyed the trailer and plot of the program and wished to binge-watch it.

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