October 23, 2021


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Amidst the shock and outrage, the world was shocked by the new results of the IPCC report

From world leaders to climate activists, a new report by UN climate experts triggered an avalanche of reactions on Monday, August 9th. Messages between the hopes of mitigating the disaster through immediate action and the calls to mobilize citizens to maintain pressure grew throughout the day.

Climate change: What to remember from the sixth report of IPCC experts released today

Report Before coal and fossil fuels can destroy the planet, its end must be pronounced.UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres announces IPCC warnings“Red Warning for Mankind”. According to the findings of UN scientists, the Global warming could reach + 1.5 ° C in 2030, ten years ahead of estimates, threatening new disasters “Unprecedented” Humanity.

With the planet reaching + 1.1 C at this time, the world is seeing with its own eyes the effects that are already working. This summer, flames like the western United States, Greece or Turkey, waves in Germany or China or a thermometer in Canada approaching 50 degrees. “For more than 30 years you have been telling us about the dangers of warming the planet. The world has heard, but not heard.”, UN. Said Inger Anderson, the patron of the environment. Results: “No one is safe. And it’s getting worse and worse, faster and faster.”.

Political reactions abound. “It simply came to our notice then Nowadays, with determination, it is not too late to stop the trend and prevent the uncontrollable disruption of climate change. “, Insisted Twitter Franz Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission. “We know what needs to be done to control global warming: abandon coal and switch to renewable energy sources, protect nature and finance climate change”Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reacted by saying the country hosting COP26’s important UN climate conference in November.

“We can’t wait”, John Kerry, the US special envoy for climate change, pledged his part and called on governments to take action “Bold Results”. French President Emmanuel Macron made the call “Agreement Equivalent” During COP26, refer to it “The time of anger is behind us”.

Environmental associations are bitter ahead of scientists ’conclusions. “The same governments that ignored the Paris Agreement will not save us”, The destructive rebel movement responded. “Only civil opposition can”, These activists were added by inviting them on Twitter to join them. Just like the youth of Fridays for the future “Fight harder than ever”.

As for Greenpeace, the NGO plans to bring the IPCC report. “Dear fossil fuel industry, we will see you in court.” And if “You were disappointed after reading the report”This is not surprising and “You are not alone”, Notes climate expert Katherine Hoho. “You need to acknowledge what you feel. Then turn the fear into action.”.

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