Amnesty International condemns “shameless” ban on Beirut bombings

Amnesty International accuses Lebanese authorities of shamelessly blocking an investigation into a deadly and devastating explosion at the port of Beirut a year ago on Monday (August 2). After the August 4, 2020 tragedy that killed and devastated more than 200 people in the Lebanese capital, no official has yet been brought to justice.

The biggest explosion was caused by hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate being stored without precaution in a dilapidated warehouse in the harbor. How did this explosive device get to the port of Beirut? What started the fire that caused the explosion? Why was ammonium nitrate forgotten in the warehouse despite the danger? All these questions are still unanswered today. “Lebanese authorities shamelessly spent last year searching for victims of truth and justiceThe NGO Amnesty International said in a statement.

Compensation for prevented victims

The drama is over in a country in the midst of a recession. “DeliberatelyAccording to the World Bank, decades of mismanagement and corruption by the ruling class have resulted in widespread perception by the families and public of victims. After deliberately rejecting an international investigation, Lebanese authorities, following accusations from senior officials, acquitted the first judge hearing the case. He has been replaced and faces obstacles, including parliament’s refusal to boost the immunity of some of its members suspected of involvement in the blast.

«Given the scale of this tragedy, it is amazing how far the Lebanese authorities are prepared to escape.For justice, Lynn Malouf, the deputy regional director of the apology, was upset. The absence of a charge sheet in this case prevents the insurance companies from paying compensation to the victims a year later, and insults a ruling class that is already hated on the street. On Wednesday, marking the first anniversary of the disaster, marches were planned in Beirut by victims and relatives demanding justice for the removal of parliamentary immunity.