October 23, 2021


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Angela Merkel is facing a severe political setback

The Christian Democratic Party (CDU) is facing an unprecedented political setback that will cause internal turmoil and promise to be Angela Merkel’s complicated successor.

Failure in the view of Angela Merkel

In the evening, General Secretary of his Christian Democratic Party (CDU) Paul Jimenez admitted that “it is clear that the losses are bitter.”

Merkel’s CDU is below 30%: First

According to initial estimates, the movement will receive only 24% to 25% of the vote, up from 32.8% in the previous 2017 election. In the history of the Federal Republic of Germany it was never completed within the 30% limit. This movement is slightly ahead of the Social Democrats.

Despite this setback, its leader, Armin Laschett, said it, like the Social Democrats, was trying to form a majority coalition in parliament and thus win the Chancellery of Angela Merkel. But even after 16 years in power, the party mentality hangs.

“The end result is very bad and unacceptable for the CDU,” said Jerion Styler, a 26-year-old activist who met in Berlin on election evening at a funeral. Within the base, the party has begun to settle scores related to the historical figure.

“Merkel must have already invested” in favor of Armin Lashett, who has already been fighting the election for months because “he is very popular,” said Judge Daniel Gerzets, 34. However, for a long time she chose to retreat so as not to obscure her potential heirloom, it seemed too late to face bad opinion polls.

The choice of Armin Lashett is questionable

“Lashed did not succeed in making her forget,” laments another 84-year-old sympathizer, Alphonse Dasing.

Five suppliers to eight presidents since 1949, the German Center-Wright was able to find itself on the opposition bench for the first time since 2005. It stigmatizes Angela Merkel’s announced political retirement. To the press Glass, Which is the worst choice of the Conservatives, who appointed the leader of the “catastrophic Armin Lashett”, which is questionable.

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The latter did not succeed in persuading him to create a principal. He only defeated Forceps during the spring right-wing primary, against his Bavarian rival – the very famous – Marcus Soder. When he was filmed as a comedian during the German president’s intense speech, his rating plummeted after the deadly floods of mid-July.

“Lachet’s acting – not only during the floods – but also lost the CDU’s trust and reputation. Suddenly she pushed herself into a challenging position.

Definitions and the loss of the “great vacuum” after Merkel

He also pointed the finger at Angela Merkel, who did not bring out the new personalities behind her, “leaving a really big vacuum, first to the leadership of the party, and now probably to the Chancellor”.

The loss of ideological criteria is included. During the Merkel years, and after the Helmut Kohl era, German rights moved to the center, especially on questions of immigration, community and social issues. Its most conservative voters have gone to the far right or the liberal FDP.

“All the years of government have somewhat destroyed the CDU’s program profile,” analyzes Carl-Rudolf Cord, a political scientist at the University of Duisburg. Knowing what the essence of the movement is is difficult today beyond the ability to manage emerging crisis situations, he said.

It is not ruled out that after the centrist years of the Merkel era, the party will soon have an image of its leader on the right.

Jean Blunt with AFP BFMTV Reporter