Angry at Beijing, American soldiers quietly train for the Taiwanese army

According to The Wall Street Journal, About twenty soldiers from the U.S. Special Forces and Navy form Taiwanese teams.

Beijing erupted on Friday, October 8 “Severe damageFor his relationship with Washington, after China announced the presence of American soldiers in Taiwan as trainers for the island’s military.

According to Wall Street JournaThere, about twenty soldiers from the U.S. Special Forces and soldiers from the Marine Corps form small divisions of the Taiwanese Army and Navy. “There are two groups, the Special Forces and the RegimentA U.S. official who asked for anonymity told AFP. According to this source, the elite soldiers “Less than 20“And conventional power used by rotation,”Not important“The official did not specify the date on which the elite American soldiers arrived on the island, but confirmed that they were there.”Less than a year.

When asked to respond, Chinese diplomat Zhao Lijian called Washington.Fully acknowledge the high sensitivity of issues related to Taiwan“And”Respect the policy of a China“America must.”Stop suspending military ties with Taiwan so as not to severely damage Sino-US relations», Warned this spokesman.

Taiwan has a population of 23 million. The island has been ruled by a rival regime since Beijing since 1945 and is based in Taipei.Republic of China2), since the Communists’ conquest of mainland China in 1949 at the end of the Chinese Civil War. The “People’s Republic of China“It has Beijing as its capital and considers Taiwan one of its provinces. It threatens to use force if the island is officially declared independent. Washington left Taipei in 1979 to recognize Beijing as China’s sole representative.

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The Pentagon accepts its position

The Taiwanese newspaper reported last November, citing the island’s naval command, that US naval and special forces troops had arrived to train the Taiwanese army in waterfall operations. Taiwanese and US officials have recalled their cooperation in the defense sector.

In a video released by the U.S. military last year, it showed US soldiers participating in an exercise with Taiwanese soldiers.Balance tamperIn Taiwan. When asked about it, the Pentagon did not deny this method. “I have no opinion on specific operations, deployments or training, but I would like to emphasize that our support for Taiwan and our security relationship (with the island) is consistent with the current threat to the People’s Republic.U.S. Defense Department spokesman John Sable said. “We call on Beijing to reaffirm its commitment to a peaceful settlement of the disputeBetween China and Taiwan, he added.

A legitimate cause always attracts great supportTaiwan’s Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang commented. “We are making every effort to protect our national sovereignty and people and to maintain peace in the region. We do everything we can and we enjoy working with countries that share our values.“, He added.