Are Jvn and Antoni Really Dating 2022: Are They Still Close Friends?

Antoni Janusz Porowski (born March 14, 1984) is a television personality, chef, actor, model, and author from Canada.

He is the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s food and wine expert (2018–present).

In 2022, Are Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski Dating?

On September 14, 2022, both Queer Eye stars allegedly announced their relationship on social media! Antoni stated, “We’ve been joking about it for years, and now we’re finally together. Here’s to trying new things.”

Are Jvn and Antoni Really Dating

Meanwhile, Jonathan wrote on Facebook, “We’ve finally arrived. Details will be provided tomorrow, but know that we are overjoyed and feel supported by those around us.”

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While the posts themselves are quite pointed in execution, there are a lot of questions about the timing of their posts.

Could this be one big prank that the two of them are pulling? Or is it implying a business partnership? Keep an eye out for their announcements on September 15th!

Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski Announce Their “Finally Together”

Queer Eye stars Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski raised many eyebrows when they announced on social media that they were finally “partners.”

Are Jvn and Antoni Really Dating

Never mind that JVN married partner Mark Peacock in 2020, or that Antoni has been dating boyfriend Kevin Harrington since 2019.

“We’re finally together,” JVN wrote on Instagram on September 14. “Details tomorrow, but know that we’re very happy and feel supported by the people around us.”

“Some personal news,” Antoni added on Instagram. “After years of joking about it, we’re finally together.

The co-stars’ joint Instagram account, where they’ve previously posted flirtatious photos of themselves, fueled the fire with a post that read, “And to think it all started as a joke.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jonathan Van Ness in a Relationship With Antoni?

Has He Dated Antoni Porowski Before? Contrary to Popular Belief, the Answer is No. Van Ness Teased Fans With a Joint Instagram Account Called “Jvntoni,” but Later Revealed the Relationship is Strictly Platonic. 

Has Jvn Had a Partner?

Mark Peacock, the Husband of Jonathan Van Ness, Has Learned That He is Now a Permanent Resident of the United States, So It is Official That He Won’t Be Leaving.

Are Jvn and Antoni Still Close Friends?

The Fab Five Member Added That the Two Are Still Friendly. “We’re Still Close Friends.” He stated, “When Someone Says, “I Still Love You and Support You,” It’s Very Nice.

Is Antoni a Trained Chef?

He is Not a Classically Trained Chef. Antoni’s Title on Queer Eye is “Food and Wine Expert,” and He is Careful to State That He is Not a Chef, Despite the Fact That He Clearly Knows a Lot About Good Food. He Used to Be Ted Allen’s Assistant.

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