Are Kaz And Tyler Still Together: Instagram Facts About Tyler!


Famous for his role in the third season of Love Island, English reality star Tyler Cruickshank is a familiar face to many. His Instagram account, which goes by the handle @tylercruickshank_, is verified, and he has over 226k followers. Tyler Cruickshank was born in Croydon, England on May 12th, 1995.

Tyler Cruickshank will be 27 in 2023. For additional information about Tyler Cruickshank, please see the link provided below. Explore Tyler Cruickshank’s biography and find out about the actor’s wiki, age, birthday, girlfriend, controversies.

Are Kaz And Tyler Still Together

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Are Kaz And Tyler Still Together?

There is no doubt about it: Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank are an item. Since they were finally able to get back in touch following their time together on Casa Amor, the couple has demonstrated an unrivalled level of dedication and commitment to their love. At the conclusion of their adventure on the programme, they were “exclusive,” but they had not yet started a relationship with one another.

After filming was over, both Kaz and Tyler were required to go into self-imposed isolation, but they were able to maintain contact with one another through video calling. They even kept their followers informed by posting updates and sharing some beautiful moments on social media. During the seventh season’s reunion episode, Kaz and Tyler came to the conclusion that they should start dating. Tyler made a heartfelt and endearing proposal to Kaz in front of their friends, family, and fellow cast members during a special and memorable moment.

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Kaz was more than pleased to accept, and they shared a touching moment together in front of us as a result. As a direct consequence of this, “Kyler” followers promptly turned to various social media platforms in order to show their happiness and enthusiasm. At the birthday party held for Liberty Poole on September 6, 2021, Kaz and Tyler were also seen together for the first time.

The contented pair recently shared a sweet snapshot from a date that they went on to bowling, which gives the impression that they are now taking pleasure in one another’s presence. Additionally, the two of them have participated in live-streaming activities together on Instagram. As a direct consequence of this, the charming pair is currently overjoyed, and there is literally nothing that could make us happier.

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Instagram Facts About Tyler

The young British artist Tyler Cruickshank, who hails from Croydon, has become an Instagram star. It was as a social media celebrity that he launched his professional career, and as of this moment, his Instagram profile has more than 235 thousand followers. It was on Instagram where he first gained notoriety, and ever since then, success has pursued him.

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