Are Memphis and Hamza Still Together: Check Out Latest Updates Here!


Memphis and Hamza met on an international dating app in April 2021 and had been dating long-distance for eight months before the Michigan native flew to Tunisia.

While there were obvious sparks between the online lovers, the spinoff also documented the pair’s many obstacles. Memphis discovered her future husband lied about his age and was actually two years younger than she thought on January 16, 2022, episode.

See ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Hamza and Memphis’ Full Relationship Timeline

The international love story of 90 Day Fiancé stars Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii was first introduced to viewers on season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. After speaking virtually for over eight months, the couple took their relationship offline when Memphis traveled to Tunisia for the first time to meet him in person.

Are Memphis and Hamza Still Together

Despite major challenges, such as a language barrier and trust issues caused by poor communication, Memphis and Hamza eventually got engaged, married, and pregnant during their short trip. Following their tell-all appearance in January 2022, the new parents appeared to be in good spirits after welcoming their daughter in October 2021.


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However, by March, cracks began to appear in their relationship. The mom of three scrubbed all mentions of Hamza from her Instagram, and the couple unfollowed each other. That same month, the nurse practitioner hinted at their split by sharing a quote that read, “Never love a man so much that you ignore the truth about him.”

Rawia Moknii, Hamza’s sister, sparked more rumors in April after an alleged text message thread between her and her sister-in-law was leaked. Rawia addressed her brother’s concern about Memphis’ ex-husband and father of one of her children, Justin Sandoval, in the messages. “Sister, Hamza does not mind speaking with [sic] your ex-husband, but he [feels] jealous when you go alone to his house,” Rawia’s alleged message to Memphis stated.

“Justin is not here; he is at work, and when he gets here, I will leave,” the Michigan native replied. “I just can’t leave the kids alone.” Memphis defended her ex and reiterated that he is a “good guy and good father,” adding that Hamza should “be happy” because she could not have gone to Tunisia without Justin. Memphis later confirmed her split from the Tunisian native after using the hashtag “single mom” in an Instagram post. Following the tense split of the 90 Day Fiance alums, Hamza relocated to Chicago, and the couple has been embroiled in a contentious custody battle.

Rawia was the first to reveal that Hamza and Memphis couldn’t agree on a visitation schedule for their young daughter. “I’m curious, is it normal in America when someone disregards a judge’s ruling because in Tunisia this exposes us to penalties [sic]?” Rawia wrote on her Instagram Story on August 15. After months of being separated from his daughter, Hamza was reunited with her shortly after her first birthday in October.

Are Memphis and Hamza Still Together

“Today is the HAPPIEST day of my life,” the father of one wrote on Instagram on October 29. “I saw my precious, beautiful, sweet baby girl… My brief encounter with her made me so happy. I’m looking forward to seeing her again.” Continue reading to see images from Memphis and Hamza’s relationship timeline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Memphis and Hamza Split Up?

The Tell-all Featured Hamza and Memphis From 90 Day Fiancé. However, the Couple Split Within Weeks, and Fans Are Now Curious About Hamza’s Whereabouts.

Are Memphis and Hamza in the United States?

Hamza came to the United States to be with Memphis Smith, his fiancée and the mother of his child. 90-Day Fiancé: Memphis traveled to Tunisia before the 90 Days to be with her man, whom she met online.

Did Hamza and Memphis Marry?

In Touch Confirmed Hamza and Memphis Were Married in March 2022. Their Wedding Was Later Depicted on the Show. Memphis Learned Shortly After Their Wedding That She Was Pregnant and Expecting Her First Child With Her Husband, Despite the Fact That She Already Had Two Children From Previous Relationships.

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