Are Tina and Mitch Still Together 2023: How Was Their Love Island Love Story?


“Love Island” is always a good time, and the romantic dramas are always exciting and full of unexpected turns. Likewise, Mitch Hibberd and Tina Provis of the third season of “Love Island Australia” have this quality. It was a wild ride, but the pair eventually emerged as show favourites thanks to the authenticity of their bond.

A victorious conclusion was reached, and they were declared the victor. From the beginning, fans had high hopes for the couple, and like any other couple, they must be wondering if their love remains strong after the show has over. Can we find out if Mitch and Tina broke up or if they got back together? What is it?

Are Tina and Mitch Still Together 2023

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Are Mitch and Tina Still Together?

According to The Cinemaholic, Mitch and Tina’s breakup is the second time they’ve parted ways. After winning the 2021 season of “Love Island Australia,” the couple broke up for the first time in February 2022. Concerns were raised among their followers when they failed to post on social media for an extended period of time or when they failed to mention their significant other.

Tina had been keeping quiet about their decision for far too long, and the time had come for her to speak out. She published a post on Instagram stories about how difficult it was to deal with her feelings and how she preferred to handle the situation behind closed doors, but that she had already exposed too much of her personal life to the world.

Tina wrote, “It is with a heavy heart that I tell you all that Mitch and I have broken up. I am still trying to wrap my head around the gravity of the situation as I tell you this news. We both realised that this wasn’t meant to be, and we’ve come to the conclusion that breaking up is for the best.

She mentioned that it wasn’t the right time, that circumstances weren’t ideal, and that she wanted some distance for both of them, which is understandable. To his friends and family, Mitch wrote an hour after the split, “Out of respect, I would like to let you know that Tina and I have decided to discontinue our relationship.”

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