Ash Kash Net Worth: How Much Her Worth in 2022?

Ash Kash was born Ashley in Chicago, Illinois, on January 9, 1998. She is now 24 years old. She has been able to keep the media from finding out anything about her parents or siblings. Also, there is no information about her education, the schools, or where she went to college.

Ash became interested in entertainment when she was a teenager, and after she finished school, she started her career as a model.

The Career of Ash Kash

ash kash net worth

Ash Kash started as a model, and she has worked for many well-known companies, like lingerie and swimwear brands, among others. She is also renowned for doing nail art, and she started an online nail business called From Heaven to you. Along with this, Ash began posting her pictures, which were both stylish and had great nail art.

Soon after, she started getting more and more fans on Instagram, and many companies began to offer her jobs. Ash Kash and an American model named Sara Jean Underwood have both worked on the show Fashion Nova as fashion models. She later joined the OnlyFans Page, where she posts hot photos and has many fans.

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A subscription to that page costs $50 per month. Ash Kash is also well-known on the app TikTok, where she posts excellent lip sync videos that have gotten a lot of views. On TikTok, the model has reached millions of likes and followers. She has gotten into a lot of trouble because of what she posts on TikTok.

Income Sources of Ash Kash

ash kash net worth

Ash Kash has more than one way to make money. Her primary way of making money is through Instagram and Tik Tok. She has a lot of people who follow her on Instagram and Tik Tok. She is also an entrepreneur, and her Heaven Sent Nails nail polish line brings in a lot of money.

She is also a model and a partner with Fashion Nova. She makes a lot of money from both of these jobs. She also promotes some brands on her Instagram. She also regularly posts content on OnlyFans, another way she makes money.

Net Worth of Ash Kash

ash kash net worth

Ash Kash’s estimated net worth in 2021-2022 is around $1 Million US. Most of her money comes from sponsored posts on Instagram and other social media sites. The model’s lip sync videos and modeling photos on social media helped her get a lot of attention on TikTok.

Ash Kash makes a lot of money through her nail business and paid partnerships. The model endorses several brands, and she charges up to $25,000 per brand.

Ash Kash gets paid more than $500,000 a year. She also makes money from the website OnlyFans, where she posts her work regularly. Ash Kash is also in charge of the Fatal Attraction Collection clothing brand.


What Is the Net Worth of Ash Kash?

It is thought that Ash Kash’s net worth is around $1 Million US.

How Much Money Does Ash Kash Make in a Year?

Ash Kash makes more than $500,000 a year.

How old is Ash Kash?

Ash Kash was born Ashaley in Chicago, Illinois, on January 9, 1998. She is now 24 years old.

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