At least four people have died under a curfew order in New Orleans

The Louisiana The tragic assessment of the column continued Tuesday
Hurricane Ida. Four deaths have been confirmed and rescue workers have begun searching for those stranded by the storm. No one is missing after being killed by crocodiles.

After all, sixteen years after Katrina suffered more than 1,800 casualties off the U.S. coast of the Gulf of Mexico, declining water is beginning to reveal itself. In New Orleans, City Mayor Latoya Condrell issued an order Tuesday night Curfew For the night. Most of the city is still without electricity.

Images of people being dragged out of flooded cars and destroyed have been circulating on social media, but New Orleans’ damage has been minimal. One person died after falling from a tree in Pryville. Authorities say he died a second after trying to run into floodwaters 95 kilometers southeast of New Orleans.

According to the repair site PowerOutage.usIda has lost more than a million assets in Louisiana. Electricity was still not restored in most places on Tuesday evening. Electricity supplier Energy announced on Tuesday morning that it will be able to recover electricity from Wednesday. New Orleans Times-Picayoon. The first to benefit are hospitals, many of which are struggling with the influx of sick patients.
Govit-19, Treatment plants and water treatment plants.

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In addition, Ida did not just touch Louisiana. In Mississippi, two people were killed and ten were injured when a road collapsed during heavy rains, police said, adding that the condition of three of them was critical. The death toll is expected to rise further, Louisiana Deputy Governor Billy Nunzer warned Tuesday, particularly directly affected in coastal areas.

President Joe Biden announced a major disaster for Louisiana and Mississippi and provided federal assistance to the states. But it may be necessary to increase this list. Ida, now a tropical depression, is now moving northeast, threatening the Tennessee and Ohio valleys.