Austin Mcbroom Net Worth: Where Does His Money Come From? Viral News 2022!

Austin McBroom is an American basketball player and social media star with a net worth of $2 million. He is most well-known for his Instagram and YouTube audiences. As of the time of writing, Austin has around 7 million Instagram followers, just under 2 million Twitter followers, and approximately 1 million TikTok followers. His family’s YouTube channel, The ACE Family, has over 4 billion views and 19 million subscribers.

In May of 1992, Austin McBroom was born in North Hollywood, California. Austin McBroom played basketball at Saint Louis University and basketball, football, and baseball at Campbell Hall School, where he played on the state championship team alongside Jrue Holiday.

Catherine Paiz is married to the actor Austin. Their video “The Best Proposal Ever” has received over 39 million views. Austin, his wife Catherine, and their three children are featured on the channel. They have leveraged their YouTube fame into a lifestyle brand that offers them a garage full of costly cars, a $10 million home, and more. However, their accomplishment has not been without dispute.

Social Gloves Fiasco

In June 2020, Austin hosted “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms,” a boxing competition between YouTube and TikTok personalities. Austin’s company, Simply Greatness Productions LLC, organised the event. The event anticipated 2,200,000 Pay-Per-View purchases. According to a lawsuit filed months later, just 136,000 PPV purchases were made for the event.

A number of lawsuits were filed by performers and production companies engaged in the event due to the lack of PPV interest. According to reports, Austin’s company at one point considered declaring bankruptcy and suing one of the marketing firms for failing to adequately publicise the event. LiveXLive, a marketing firm, filed a lawsuit against McBroom’s company claiming $100 million in damages. Two boxers filed a lawsuit saying they are due approximately $2.7 million for their efforts.

According to multiple claims, including one from the New York Post and another from Billboard, James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets and Lil Baby, a rapper who invested in the event, are supposedly due millions of dollars.

Real Estate

Austin and Catherine purchased a mid-construction property in Woodland Hills, California for $10.6 million in May of 2019. According to property records, they put down approximately $1 million and financed approximately $9 million. The monthly mortgage payment was $70,000. This would necessitate annual pre-tax earnings of around $1,700,000.

At the time of purchase, there were two unfinished mansions on the land. The couple proceeded to complete the building, incurring additional costs in the millions of dollars. The final design includes a half basketball court, a miniature putt-putt course, and a pool that wraps around two sides of the property.

In a December 2019 interview with the Daily Mail, Catherine claimed that the family was victimised by a “dishonest contractor” who allegedly used a false licence to gain their business and then abandoned the project, leaving them without the requisite certificate of occupancy to reside in the property.

The family moved into the property despite the fact that the lease on their previous mansion had expired. During their time in the residence, it lacked gas, leaving them without hot water or heat for more than two years. They were incapable of even doing laundry.

They taped a tour of the mansion in September 2019 on their YouTube channel.

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Observe around the 1:03 mark of the preceding video how Austin decides to ride a jet ski in their infinity pool. According to reports, this action produced a mudslide on the neighbor’s property below.

On July 7, 2021, reported that the McBrooms had ceased making mortgage payments on their mansion in early 2021, and that the property was supposedly approaching pre-foreclosure. A week later, the home was posted for $10 million on the Multiple Listing Service.

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