As Azealia Banks put it to Nicki Minaj, “You’re Kind of a F*cking Pedophile.”

Azealia Banks has posted multiple videos to her Instagram Story in which she tells Nicki Minaj exactly how she thinks about her. This comes less than a month after Azealia Banks truly lashed out at the Queen of Rap.

The “212” rapper started her tirade by responding to Minaj’s allegation that she is now working on three defamation lawsuits against those who have slandered her in the past. In reaction, the Harlem-born songwriter called the 39-year-old “not very smart,” and then she explained why the woman apparently cannot sue for defamation, adding that her songs may be used against her.

‘What’s most distressing to me about all this,’ Banks went on, “is that we have an adult woman who is soliciting underage Barbz, or whatever, you know. “Reimbursing people with cash, albeit in negligible quantities ($400 to $50,000, depending on how generous you want to be). In today’s economy, $50,000 is little compared to the cost of ruining their track record and good name.”

azealia banks vs nicki minaj controversy

Inquiringly, the 31-year-old posed to Minaj, “Just why do you need them to publicly incriminate themselves? A gangster you are not. A horrible gangster you are.”

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Azealia continued her attack on the “Moment 4 Life” singer by saying, “At the very end of the day, you piss off the wrong bitch, all the bitch has to do is make an anonymous CPS call to your f*cking house.” “They will search for narcotics, they will search for everything, and they will force you to open the safe.”

When Banks began levelling serious accusations at Minaj, the situation quickly escalated. “Nicki, you’re kind of a f*cking paedophile,” the “Anna Wintour” creator said.

“Nicki, please leave. Leave now! Because, despite all your “Queen of Rap” bluster, you haven’t released a single that even comes close to matching the quality of songs by me or Cardi B in the last six years. You’ll never be as nimble as I am, so stop complaining.”

Azealia informed the singer, who was born in Trinidad, that she “is not bold enough to write a f*cking nice song,” adding that the singer’s lack of confidence may be due to “post-partum depression” or “drug withdrawal.”

A last “I don’t know” from the songwriter. “However, I don’t even bother listening to the garbage you just released; who are all those individuals on that f*cking remix anyway? Consequently, Nicki, I recommend that you immediately enter a rehabilitation facility.”

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