Biden-Macron meeting on G20, Facebook renamed and Health Pass revoked

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Two rooms, two atmospheres. The meeting promises to be “hot” with the Pope. A little less with Emmanuel Macron : Joe Biden is in Rome on Friday as a driver before and after the G20 summit Promised a “historic” plan For the US economy. The US President landed in Italy at 2.25am. He must first meet the Sovereign Pope in the morning and then meet Emmanuel Macron. After a very serious diplomatic crisis surrounding the deal for Australian submarines, a face-to-face meeting to seal their reconciliation paid off for the United States and France.

The social networking site Facebook is not dead but that company, it, Now called meta. Mark Zuckerberg set his sights on the future on Thursday – and tried to divert him For current controversies – By releasing a new name for the company he founded 17 years ago. “Our brand is tied to a product that does not represent everything we do today. I hope that in the end, we will be seen as one. Company Metawares “What are these” metavers “(in French) that emerged from the fiction of cyberbank science fiction 30 years ago? For Zuckerberg, it is nothing less than the” future of the Internet “. It blurs the lines between the real and the virtual and disrupts all fields. , The general public did not reject it en masse.

The Senate hears its voice. Dominated by the right-wing opposition, the upper house of parliament clashed with the government on Thursday, reducing the extension of the braking measures from July 31 to February 28. Govt-19 Infection And by planning a regional evacuation Health Pass. The bill, “Various Rules for Health Awareness” was greatly amended by senators, with 158 votes in favor in the first reading (majority of LR and centrist groups) and 106 against. The Socialists did not vote. The CRCE, with a communist and ecological majority, voted against the majority RDPI groups, with 21 LR senators, 11 centrists and the majority RDSE groups with an extreme majority and independents.