Big Timber Season 2 Release Date: When It Will Be Premiere In 2022? Updates!

A few decades ago, this piece would have been printed on actual paper; without the work of loggers and lumberjacks around the world, this would be unthinkable. However, beyond this fundamental truth, the majority of people know little about the logging sector. Our civilization is literally built on timber, but the average individual rarely witnesses the logging process. Thankfully, there are reality shows like as “Big Timber” that show us the narrative behind the planks and paper we purchase at the local hardware store.

“Big Timber” focuses on the logging operation owned by Canadian lumberjack extraordinaire Kevin Wenstob and his family and aired on the History channel in 2020. Recently, the debut season of the show received a second wind on Netflix, where it made its way to the trending page. Now, fans are asking if Season 2 of “Big Timber” would feature more of the expanding logging industry.

When Will Season 2 of Big Timber Premiere?

Unfortunately, there has been no official announcement regarding Season 2 of “Big Timber.” Despite the fact that the show has been airing for about six months, neither the History Channel nor Netflix appear to be interested in continuing the project. Nonetheless, this does not indicate that the series has been cancelled.

The first season of “Big Timber” aired in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, therefore it was presumably filmed before Canada imposed a quarantine. The series was filmed between September 2019 and January 2020, per The Cinemaholic. However, no official source is provided for this information. This is significant because it provides a schematic of the “Big Timber” production cycle. If production occurs throughout the fall, it makes plausible that none of the show’s affiliated networks would announce a second season before production began.

In the meantime, Season 1 aired between October and December 2020 (according to IMDb), leaving a one-year gap between filming and premiere. If a second season is in the works and is scheduled to be filmed through the fall of 2021, then Season 2 of “Big Timber” will likely premiere in the fall of the following year.

Who Will Appear in Big Timber Season 2?

Assuming “Big Timber” is renewed for a second season, fans may expect to see some famous faces when the show finally premieres. The most prominent of these is that of Kevin Wenstob, the chief executive officer in charge of logging operations. Similarly, Kevin’s son and go-to mechanic, Erik Wenstob, will most certainly return for the second season as a key member of his father’s team. Sarah Fleming, Kevin’s wife and devoted business partner, is the final member of the Wenstob family.

Kevin employs individuals such as Coleman Willner in addition to the Wenstob family’s core trio in order to complete tasks. Together, these four have established themselves as one of the remaining independent logging companies in Canada. If “Big Timber” were to return for a second season, there is no doubt that these four actors would reprise their roles.

What Locales Will Be Included in Season 2 of Big Timber?

The entire first season of “Big Timber” was shot in the same location on Vancouver Island, Canada. In the event of a second season of “Big Timber,” it is questionable whether the Wenstobs would contemplate relocating. It may be simple for a typical reality programme to find new settings for each season, but the logging industry has limits that do not apply to other shows.

In any case, filming in a different site necessitates locating and getting the rights to use an altogether different piece of land.

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However, this does not exclude the second season of “Big Timber” from taking place in a different site. Other reality series that also entail discovering and claiming a claim on fresh parcels of property, such as “Gold Rush,” are able to switch locales between seasons.

If the Wenstobs have secured an area of forest away from their usual territory, they have remained silent. It appears that viewers will have to wait until the release of Season 2 to learn anything new about the series’ locale.

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