Blac Chyna Dissolves Face Fillers

How Blac Chyna Dissolves Face Fillers a Week After Butt and Breast Reduction Surgery.



Blac Chyna, an American model, and social media personality, recently had her facial fillers dissolved, a week after removing silicone from her breasts and butts.

In an Instagram video, Chyna discussed her decision to discontinue the use of face fillers. I’m back. I’m on my way to get my cheek and jawline injections dissolved because I’ve had enough.

It must all come out”. The 34-year-old claimed that she has been advised that filler removal “burns a lot or stings,” but she “ain’t even scared about no stinging, I just want it out.”

In the video, her plastic surgeon questions her about her decision to remove the fillers, to which she responds, “I feel like I’ve outgrown it, and it’s time for a change. And I only desire to be good.”

“I remove all of my face fillers, I’m very thrilled,” she said as the caption for her video. Chyna thanked everyone in the comments area for their “prayers, love, and support.”

What is the Procedure for Removing Face Fillers?

Facial fillers are a form of cosmetic treatment that involves injecting chemicals such as hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, or poly-L-lactic acid into the skin to increase volume, smooth out wrinkles, or enhance facial features. Occasionally, however, problems or changes in appearance may cause individuals to seek filler removal.”

“The removal of fillers requires the use of an enzyme called hyaluronidase, which degrades the hyaluronic acid in the filler,” she continued.


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Nevertheless, this injection is only effective for fillers containing hyaluronic acid. Before beginning with reverse injection, it is crucial to obtain a written note or prescription indicating the type of filler.

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The specialist stated that a reversal injection is typically recommended if the patient dislikes the appearance of the filler injection or if a minor problem occurs.


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“The enzyme is injected into the treated area in proportion to the units of filler injection, and the filler dissolves over the course of several hours. A trained medical expert, such as a plastic surgeon or dermatologist, can execute the operation.

Is the Process Painful or Recommended?

While the operation itself is generally well-tolerated, some patients may have some discomfort or swelling after treatment. “It is crucial to visit a skilled medical practitioner in order to decide if filler removal is necessary for a given scenario.

In certain circumstances, such as when the filler has been in place for an extended period of time or when it has created major changes in the texture or look of the skin, the procedure may not be recommended, Dr. Padmini concluded.

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