Blac Chyna Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Does She Make Every Year?

Blac Chyna, aka Angela Renée White, is a model and socialite from the United States. It was in the music video for Kanye West’s “Monster” (2010) that she first came to widespread attention, as she doubled for Nicki Minaj. Drake’s mention of her in his song “Miss Me” that same year brought her more notice and led to magazine features in publications including Dimepiece, Straight Stuntin, and Black Men’s Magazine. She opened a beauty parlor in Encino, California, and a makeup line called “Lashed by Blac Chyna” in 2014. She has since made several public appearances and even starred in two reality series of her own, Rob & Chyna and The Real Blac Chyna.

Blac Chyna Early Life, Family, and Education

Angela Renee White is Blac Chyna’s real name. Her stage name is Blac Chyna. She entered the world in the nation’s capital. on the 11th of May in the year 1988 Shalana-Jones Hunter, better known as Tokyo Toni, is the woman who gave birth to her daughter. The mother of Blac Chyna served in the United States military in 1991, is the chief executive officer of her own production firm, and has played a significant role in reality television series that focuses on her daughter. Following her graduation from high school, Blac Chyna enrolled at the University of Maryland.

A Promising Start in the World of Stripping and Modeling

After enrolling in college, Blac Chyna turned to strip primarily to fund her education. She eventually settled in Miami, where she attended Johnson & Wales University while also maintaining her stripping job. Blac Chyna was so worn out that she eventually fell asleep in class.

blac chyna net worth

The young woman was caught between an impenetrable wall and a hard place at university. If she quit stripping, she wouldn’t be able to pay her education costs. She was falling asleep in class more and more often since she started stripping, and she knew she would fail if she persisted. For Blac Chyna, the best course of action was to quit school and devote herself full-time to her stripping career.

Initial Breakthrough

Blac Chyna’s options for making money, like modeling, expanded once she dropped out of school. This resulted in lucrative contracts with magazines like Dimepiece, on whose cover she had previously appeared. Her popularity quickly spread, and she was soon featured in publications such as Straight Stuntin’ Magazine and Black Men’s Magazine. Celebrities started taking notice as she became more well-known in the urban and Hip-Hop scene. Drake was one of the people who spoke about her in music.

Prominent Acclaim

Drake’s endorsement in 2010 served as the catalyst that propelled Blac Chyna to instant fame. A stunt double role in Nicki Minaj’s “Monster” music video was offered to her as her online popularity skyrocketed. Due to this, the 2011 Urban Model Awards named her Model of the Year. The model was also cast in Tyga’s “Rack City” music video. Over the subsequent years, Blac Chyna was featured in a wide variety of other publications, such as Smooth Girl and Urban Ink. As 2012 came to a close, she made an appearance in a Nicki Minaj music video.

What is the Net Worth of Blac Chyna?

Blac Chyna is an American reality star, model, and businesswoman on the internet. Blac Chyna is worth $11 million. Her stripping career got her noticed, but it was her connections to famous people that really catapulted her to stardom. Blac Chyna is a mother of two, one from her relationship with rapper Tyga and another from her marriage to Rob Kardashian.

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Blac Chyna’s Personal Life: Boyfriend/Husband

Tyga had asked Blac Chyna to come on tour with him, but she had declined. Rack City was one of his tracks that she ended up being in a music video for. They originally met in 2011 at one of Chris Brown‘s strip club events. In 2012, they welcomed a baby boy into the world.

blac chyna net worth

When tensions between them increased in 2014, they decided to quit their relationship. As time went on, Tyga and Kylie Jenner started dating. The rumored reason for the split between Tyga and Chyna is his relationship with Kylie Jenner. Quite a few public confrontations have taken place between the two. After she began dating Rob Kardashian, Chyna wanted to patch up her ties with Jenner.
Chyna was invited to appear on the Kardashians’ show after Rob and she became friends. Dream Kardashian is the name of Rob and Chyna’s baby. However, they went their separate ways at the end of 2016.

Blac Chyna Car Collection

Chyna owns a number of luxurious automobiles, many of which she flaunts on her many social media platforms. Her collection of luxury vehicles includes, among other things, a Ferrari 488 Spider with a price tag of $280,900, a Bentley truck with a price tag of $245,000, and a Bentley Bentayga Mulliner with a price tag of $235,525.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blac Chyna’s Estimated Net Worth?

The overall value of Blac Chyna’s assets is close to $11 million.

What Year Was Blac Chyna Born?

Blac Chyna is 33 years old at the moment (11 May 1988).

How Much Money Does Blac Chyna Make?

According to estimates, Blac Chyna makes $1 million a year in income.

What is Blac Chyna’s Height?

Blac Chyna is 1.58 meters tall.

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