Black Summer Season 3: Plot, Cast, Trailer, is Netflix Still Active?

America’s Black Summer was developed by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams for online streaming. The premiere of the first season, which consists of eight episodes, took place on April 11, 2019, on Netflix. Mostly written and directed by Hyams, with additional episodes written and directed by Abram Cox, the series is produced by The Asylum, the company responsible for Z Nation.

Black Summer Season 3

Jaime King portrays Rose, a mother who has torn away from her daughter in the earliest, darkest days of a zombie apocalypse. The reviews for the series were all over the place. Most of the filming took place in and around Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


King said, “I have some ideas,” in an interview with This is the type of series that could go on indefinitely, but I think it would be really powerful to do it in just three seasons, if possible, so I’m looking forward to getting the writer’s room going again.

When all of a country’s resources have been depleted, what do people do? The idea is being explored. I would centre it on different chapters, where we are exploring sort of three central figures in different places,” she told when asked about potential future developments. But those are just sketches, I suppose.

Only Sun made it onto the plane in the season two finale of Black Summer, and while the Korean-speaking pilot seems nice, there are still questions about where they are going and whether or not they will be safe once they land. Given the show’s popularity, it seems unlikely that Sun’s story won’t be expanded upon in season three.

Only Rose and Anna remain. Nobody knows if they died or not because they didn’t make it to the plane. Anna returned to get her mother, who had been left injured on the ground, but instead she stole a car. Does she leave in the car and leave Rose behind?

Intentionally leaving questions unanswered at the end of Season 2 could lead Netflix to renew the show if viewers want to see more. Maybe there’s a different strategy in place. Given that Rose, Anna, and Sun are the only characters we really care about on Black Summer, it’s entirely possible that the third season will start fresh with an entirely new cast in the vein of American Horror Story.

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Black Summer’s terrifying nature stems, in part, from the rapid turnover of characters. However, there were only four main characters in the first two seasons:

Rose is played by Jaime King. In an interview with Forbes, King recalled the first time she was shown the character and said: “I was in Europe at the time and read the script there. When I finished reading the script, I immediately changed my flight and returned to the United States, proclaiming to myself, “I am Rose.””

Black Summer Season 3
Anna, Rose and Justin’s adolescent daughter, is portrayed by Zoe Marlett. Chu Christine Lee plays Ooh “Sun” Kyungsun, a Korean woman who doesn’t speak any English, and Cary plays Julius James (aka Spears), a former criminal posing as a soldier.
Lance, played by Kelsey Flower in the first season, was seen again in the premiere of the second season, but we don’t expect to see him again soon unless it’s to eat someone. Season two concludes with Cary’s character also dead, so we’ll only see him again in flashbacks.

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Release Date

The first episode of “Black Summer” season one debuted on Netflix on April 11, 2019. Despite the positive reception the show received when it first appeared on Netflix, the streaming service has remained silent about its future for several months. The conclusion of the story in the final episode led some to believe the series wouldn’t continue, but they were proven wrong.

Season 2 was officially confirmed by Netflix in November of 2019.  The wait for the second season was too long, as it took two years. The production line has also been slowed by the CoVD-19 epidemic. When Season 2 of “Black Summer” premiered in June 2021, it was a long time coming.

According to that schedule, we shouldn’t expect to see a third season of “Black Summer” until sometime in late 2022 or early 2023 at the earliest. The restrictions on using Covid-19 are being gradually lifted, so hopefully production will go smoothly and we’ll get a new season of “Black Summer” sooner than the last one.


The first step is to formally renew our agreement. Once production and editing are complete, Netflix will release a trailer about a month before the new season is available to stream. Over a year may pass during that procedure. We will keep an eye on the most recent developments and tweak this article as necessary. Please feel free to revisit this page again. Let’s just watch the trailer for season two for now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be Season 4 of Summertime?

As of this writing, the fourth season of Summertime has not been ordered. Following the three-book series by Federico Moccia, the original plan for this production was to air over the course of three seasons. The series concludes satisfactorily with “Three Times You,” the third and final book.

In Black Summer, What Exactly is the Virus?

Attempts to develop a bioweapon by a scientist led to the creation of the zombie virus in Black Summer. The ZN1 virus, which caused the outbreak, can infect both humans and animals, making it unique among zombie stories.

What’s the Deal Between Z Nation and Black Summer?

Z Nation’s showrunner Karl Schaefer and the show’s executive producer John Hyams came up with the idea for Black Summer. As a result, the building blocks for a connective tissue structure are already in place. This validates the media’s initial pitch for the show as a prequel.


Netflix has not yet ordered a third season of “Summertime”. A third season won’t arrive until 2022 or early 2023 at the earliest. Production has been slowed down by the CoVD-19 epidemic. The building blocks for a connective tissue structure are already in place.

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