Blasted Movie 2022: Overview of the Plot and Explanation of the Ending!

The new Norwegian Netflix film “Blasted” is about two long-lost buddies who reconnect to fight invaders with laser tags. Sebastian is a stern finance professional. He badly wants businessman Kasper Kielland to invest in his company, but persuading the man is proving far more difficult than he anticipated.

Sebastian had tried for six years to win the man’s heart, but he was unable to do so, so in desperation, he promised him a one-of-a-kind weekend with him and his friends at Hessdalen valley. Kasper wanted to get to know Sebastian before investing, and spending the weekend together seemed ideal. The only issue was that Sebastian’s friends had planned the Hessdalen vacation to be a bachelorette celebration, which Sebastian had turned into a work trip.

The ‘blasted’ Movie Plot Synopsis: What is It About?

The Hessdalen Valley was not a typical location. There were suspicions that the numerous green floating lights were evidence of alien life. Many thought it was accurate, while the majority thought it was misinterpreted. The first female supervisor at the Hessdalen laboratory, Stine Lyongo, felt that the mysterious lights were caused by bioluminescent reactions taking place inside of microorganisms. But her theory was quickly disproven when she walked into a mine with a vlogger and stumbled onto a secret room with alien devices. When she touched a device, the green light was fired at her. While she was under the alien’s control, she also converted the vlogger.

Blasted Movie 2022: Overview of the Plot and Explanation of the Ending!

Mikkel, Sebastian’s fiancé’s best friend from childhood, was also invited to the bachelorette celebration. Sebastian and Mikkel are no longer in touch. When they were younger, they were world champions in the laser sport, but Mikkel resisted maturing. He kept playing laser tag as an adult and mostly hung out with young people. Sebastian was shocked to see Mikkel with his pals Audun and Pelle on the day of their trip. However, Sebastian had to put on a brave front to win Kasper over. As they talked about Sebastian’s early years, Kasper developed an instant affection for Mikkel. Kasper drove the two to Hessdalen valley in his posh automobile while the others took a van.

Audun suggested they take a planned trip to the Hessdalen laboratory the next morning to discover more about the mysterious lights. Sebastian suggested they play paintball as Kasper seemed uninterested in the science tour. When they arrived, they discovered that the location had been abandoned. They assembled their tools and lit a match, but things quickly went south. Sebastian fired a paintball at a man he believed to be Mikkel. When they checked on him, they discovered that he had green eyes. He attempted to attack them, but Mikkel was able to punch him and stop him. When they attempted to flee in their van, they discovered that the motor and the phones they had kept inside had been removed. Sebastian recommended that to find a phone to call the police, they should stroll over to the Hessdalen laboratory. They armed themselves with the paintball and toy laser weapons Mikkel had brought.

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Detailed Explanation of the Blasted Ending:

Bachelor Party With Alien Defence

Audun tells Sebastian that he has scheduled his bachelor party for the next weekend while Sebastian is getting ready for his presentation with Kasper Kielland. The party, he continues, will be held at a cabin in Hessdalen and will have board games, sing-alongs, toys, quizzes, and other activities.

He is informed by Audun of the legend surrounding the Hessdalen lights and their alleged extraterrestrial origin. Sebastian declines the invitation despite Pelle and Audun’s joy.

Later, Kasper simply gets tired of statistics and informs him that this was not the kind of experience that would motivate him to invest his money, which is when he blows the presentation. Sebastian extends an invitation to his bachelor party and promises that it will be a memorable occasion.

Sebastian gives Audun a list of guidelines to follow to make Kasper’s bachelor party the finest possible, telling him that he needs the best bachelor party ever. As Sebastian’s boyhood friend Mikkel unexpectedly arrives, Audun resumes with his list of board games and the alien mystery.

Mikkel has more of an impression on Kasper than the rest of the group. Sebastian supports Mikkel’s suggestion to go paintballing as the party becomes more monotonous.

Blasted Movie 2022: Overview of the Plot and Explanation of the Ending!

The five players are aware of their isolation in the paintball park but decide to start the game on their own. Sebastian accidentally shoots someone outside the gang during the game. When the group proceeds to identify him, they discover that it is a violent man with glowing green eyes.

Sebastian understands that they need to leave the location as quickly as possible, but the cab they were riding in won’t start. The motor is then revealed to be taken, along with everyone’s cell phones.

They begin to move in the direction of the observatory after realizing they are trapped because it is closer than the cabin they were staying in.

Passing Through Hessdalen With a Laser

Sebastian, Mikkel, Audun, Pelle, and Kasper arrive at the observatory together. While the others keep watch outside, Sebastian and Mikkel enter.

Mikkel and Sebastian attempt to call the police inside, but the sheriff hangs up because she believes it to be a prank call.

They discover corpses and see two people with glowing green eyes telepathically communicating. This supports Mikkel’s claim that there are extraterrestrials in the valley.

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They cautiously advance while they wait for the aliens to depart. They are pursued as they make their way to the cabin by a group of people who have the aliens living inside them like parasites. During the incident, they learn that a laser tag gun has the power to either kill the aliens or at the very least cause them to flee the hosts’ bodies.

Blasted Movie 2022: Overview of the Plot and Explanation of the Ending!

While Kasper, Auden, and Pelle are taken prisoner by the aliens, Sebastian and Mikkel can make it to the police station. As Mikkel shoots a police officer who was possessed by the alien, they manage to persuade the sheriff about the aliens.

In the meantime, the aliens destroy the observatory to destroy the proof. While lending Sebastian and Mikkel the police car, the sheriff stays at her father’s business. Once they have more laser tag weapons, they search for the others.

They encounter numerous aliens along the way before arriving at the main cave, where the dominant aliens lived and conducted their business.

Not a Chance of Going Back

The aliens appear to have been working on something bigger in the cave where Pelle, Audun, and Kasper are captured – producing more like them using a machine.

Sebastian and Mikkel arrive at the cave but are also apprehended. Sebastian soon realizes that the laser grenade attached to their suit will aid in their rescue.

He gets there while everyone else is preparing to flee. Audun distracts the aliens and asks everyone to leave.

Sebastian, Mikkel, and Pelle can flee. On the wedding day, Sebastian and Mikkel launch their laser tag business.

Audun died saving them, as far as they know. Finally, it is revealed that the UFO took Audun and Kasper with it as it took off. Audun has found a way to survive in space while attempting to return home.

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