Blood Lad Season 2 Release Date: Has Netflix Cancelled Blood Lad Season 2 ?

Blood Lad, also known as Buraddo Radio in Japan, has been on hiatus for quite some time despite being one of the most popular shows in its genre. An adaptation of one of the most popular manga series in Japan has been made into a dark comedy anime.

Manga author and illustrator Yuuki Kodama is responsible for the work. The first volume of the manga was published on September 4, 2009, and the last volume on September 3, 2016. Overall, seventeen books were published. The first episode of the first season of an anime series based on the manga debuted on July 8, 2013, with the series’ acquisition.

On December 4, 2013, an episode of actual video animation (OVA) piqued fan interest in the second season of the show.

The loyal fanbase of “Blood Lad” eagerly anticipates the second season. The following is known about the second season of this phenomenal series:

Blood Lad Season 2 Storyline

The protagonist of Blood Lad Season 2 is the formidable vampire Staz. He is the extremely powerful ruler of the demonic realm. Staz cannot help but fall in love with Fuyumi Yanagi upon first meeting her.

She is a typical Japanese high school student. Staz does not consume human blood as do other vampires. Staz’s land is invaded by demons after Fuyumi enters the demon world by accident. During the struggle, Fuyumi is killed by a carnivorous plant and transforms into a ghost.

He swears to revive Fuyumi and accepts the responsibility. He needs the book of resurrection to resurrect Fuyumi. They encounter Hydra Bell, a treasure hunter who may be able to assist them in locating the door’s key. To retrieve the book, he will require the assistance of his older brother, Braz.

Blood Lad Season 2

Braz offers to translate the book if Staz can prevent the escape of Papradon Akim. Papradon Akim consumes his victims’ flesh as a means of self-improvement. Staz saves Fuyumi after he battles Akim. Her mother Neyn explains that she is the product of the union between Bell’s other mother and her own mother, Fuyumi’s maternal grandmother. Fuyumi is now in Staz’s care.

Braz manages to escape imprisonment for attempting to overthrow the monarch of the demon world. Richarz is revived after the heart of Akim is transplanted into his body.

He recovers his heart, murders Richarz, and absorbs Grimm’s essence to become the new ruler of the Demon World. Akim Braz is Akim’s servant. Staz and Wold are determined to reclaim the kingdom, so they recruit White Step, an old friend of Wolf Daddy’s, for sword training.

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Cast of Blood Lad Season 2

It is anticipated that the cast of Blood Lad Season 2 will be comparable to that of the first season. Staz’s plan to reclaim the throne from Akim becomes more apparent as the plot develops. The following is a list of characters that will appear in Blood Lad Season 2.

Staz Charlie Blood is the leader of the territory of Demon World East. However, unlike other vampires, he does not attempt to consume humans. He is extremely kind and courteous. He enjoys watching and playing video games. He can consume garlic, is unharmed by crosses, and heals rapidly. He cannot fly and does not have bat wings. After killing Fuyumi, Akim took it upon himself to resurrect her. This is accomplished with the aid of his brother.

Blood Lad Season 2

Fuyumi Yanagi was a Japanese high school student who became lost in the Demon World after passing through a portal. When Akim attacked Staz, a carnivorous demon pant devoured her, and she subsequently transformed into a ghost.

Due to this, she wears a hitaikakushi, a headband in the shape of a white triangle. She assists Staz in revivifying the girl. She requires Staz’s blood to continue living in the human world, where she would otherwise perish. Later, when she began to disappear, it was revealed that she is a hybrid of Bell’s mother and Fuyumi’s mother.

Hydrabell is in search of treasure. She can move between the worlds of humans and demons using a black curtain. She reveals herself to be Fuyumi’s sister.

She desires to make her boyfriend the magic thief who stole her ability to close the Black Curtain, which is what brought Fuyumi into the demon world. She can relocate people. Later, he discovers that Akim is the thief.

Wolf is a hybrid of wolves and werewolves. He oversees the majority of Demon World West. He is both Staz’s friend and rival. Wold uses his abilities to surpass his enemies in strength. He was supposed to reside in Acropolis, but because he was not a werewolf of pure blood, he was not permitted.

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Date of Blood Lad Season 2’s Release

The premiere date for Season 2 of Blood Lad has not been announced. Season 2 has been on the minds of the show’s producers for some time. Despite the lack of confirmation as to whether Season 2 will be renewed, Season 1’s positive reception suggests that it will likely be released very soon. Season 2 of Blood Lad is expected to premiere by the end of 2024.

Evaluations for Bad Blood

The show has received a 7.28/10 rating from 323,206 MyAnimeList users and a 7.2/10 rating from 1961 IMDb users. The numbers indicate that “Blood Lad” performed exceptionally well and received a high overall rating. This would provide producers with an additional reason to consider creating a sequel.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Has Netflix Cancelled Blood Ties?

In May of 2022, Netflix’s original series Bad Blood will be removed from the streaming service.

Where was Bad Blood shot?

Bad Blood is filmed in both Montreal and the Ontario city of Sudbury. The first season of the show is set in Montreal, while the second is set in Hamilton.

Is Bad Blood a Good Show?

Even though there are only five episodes, the show’s creator and writer, Simon Barry and Michael Konyves have done an excellent job with this high-quality crime drama. Entertaining Canadian gangster series contains shockingly violent content


Taking everything into consideration, the likelihood of Blood Lad receiving a second season is low. Season 2 will not be released until there are additional volumes of the source material. Fans are interested, but the creators have not yet commented.

No one knows what will transpire in the second season, but fans are speculating.

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