January 27, 2022


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Boris Johnson promises trial, apologizes after Downing Street Christmas party suspicion

Despite health restrictions, a video appeared on Downing Street confirming that a Christmas party took place last December.

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The British Prime Minister has come under fire from critics. Boris Johnson announced an internal investigation on Wednesday, December 8 and apologizedFor a given feeling, Despite the restrictions against Govt-19, the video was aired last December to confirm that a Christmas party had taken place on Downing Street.

Boris Johnson said to himself “Crazy” After this video was released, he reaffirmed it “Insured multiple times” Since the beginning of this affair“There was no party” And that ‘“No rule” Not violated. Boris Johnson announces internal inquiry into pressure from some opposition MPs “Effects” For those who do not follow the rules.

Viewed by millions of people, This video caused a stir in the UK. The government has repeatedly denied press reports that a banquet was held on December 18, 2020 to bring together dozens of people. Alegra Stratton, his then publicist, shows a video with colleagues preparing answers to speculative questions from journalists about the Christmas party on Downing Street.

Alegra Stratton, the prime minister’s spokeswoman, apologized to the British on Wednesday. “Words that seem to take the rules lightly, rules that make people do everything they can”. He also announced his resignation from the post of councilor at Downing Street, where he has held COP26 since.

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