October 25, 2021


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Boris Johnson wants to “develop better” after an infection

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson On Saturday, after the outbreak, it said its resolution was to “rebuild better” despite the supply crisis.
England Increased as the country withdrew from the European Union. “It simply came to our notice then
Govt The chairman made the announcement ahead of the opening Sunday of the annual convention of his Conservative Party in Manchester (northwest of England).

He stressed that his government had fulfilled its campaign promise by carrying out Brexit and had been vaccinated against Govt-19, adding that it wanted to make “bold decisions” to meet British priorities such as employment, security and climate change. . “All of this shows that we are keeping our word, and now is the time not only to recover, but to act better again,” he added.

First face-to-face conference for two years

The Tory’s grand convention, scheduled for this Sunday to Wednesday, marks the first time in two years that the Conservative leader will have the opportunity to speak with his troops. His speech is scheduled for Wednesday. Boris Johnson, 57, who came to power in July 2019 and won the general election a few months later on the promise of “reaching Brexit,” must convince the British of the benefits of leaving the EU.

At the moment, its effects seem to be exacerbating some of the effects of the epidemic, especially with regard to the difficulty in locating truck drivers – there is a shortage of up to 100,000 in the United Kingdom – to provide Watts shelves for supermarkets and stations – for service. The government has repeatedly said that the situation is related to the resurgence of the world economy in the aftermath of the epidemic and the exceptional demand for panic at gas stations.

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Conservatives are still leading in elections

In an effort to address the shortage of truck drivers and staff at poultry farms, it has temporarily relaxed its immigration policy to issue up to 10,500 temporary work visas to counter the threat of empty shelves on Christmas Day. From Monday, about 200 soldiers will be delivered to gas stations, with long queues for two weeks in front of it.

During a visit to a hospital in Manchester on Saturday, Boris Johnson did not refuse to issue more temporary work visas, while warning the Department of Road Transport that immigrant drivers could no longer be trusted at “low wages”. Despite these difficulties, the Conservatives (39%) continue to lead Labor (35%) in the polls, according to an opinion poll released Saturday evening. However, 59% of voters believe Brexit is going badly and 69% believe the truck driver crisis was mismanaged by the government.