Chucky Trill Death: Murder Suspect Caught at Atlanta Airport Before Crazy Mugshot!

James Edwards Thomas has reportedly been arrested for the murder of Chucky Trill by the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office.

Thomas was reportedly arrested by a large number of law enforcement agents as he stepped off a plane at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. According to Gwinnett County booking records, he was arrested on December 18 and charged with murder and aggravated assault in connection with the death of a local rapper.

Hours after landing in Atlanta on March 5, Chucky Trill was shot and died. The 33-year-old rapper from Houston was killed shortly after leaving a bar where he saw Erica Banks perform. Cpl. Collin Flynn, a spokesman for the police department, stated that they suspect shots were fired into Chucky’s automobile from another moving vehicle.

Flynn remarked at the time, “Obviously these types of incidents are very disturbing for the police department.” Multiple persons in other cars on the highway could become victims of a shooting, in addition to the occupants of the two vehicles directly involved.

D of Trinity Garden Cartel’s son Chucky Trill rose to fame in the 1990s before legal difficulties derailed his career as a rapper in H-town. The total time he spent behind bars, from his arrest in the 1990s until his release in 2016, was somewhere about 20 years.

chucky trill death

Conversely, Chucky had just begun to establish himself as a respected member of the rap community when he was murdered. His “Basic” music video was released in June of 2020, and he quickly released a music video for his own “Buss It” single. He discussed his workaholism and strategies for “solidifying” his position as “boss” on an episode of The Donnie Houston Podcast.

Nearly two dozen rappers, including Chucky Trill, have been murdered so far in 2021. Backstage during the recent Once Upon a Time in L.A. Festival, Drakeo The Ruler was fatally stabbed. About a month after Young Dolph was murdered in his hometown of Memphis, this occurrence took place.

Members of Chucky Trill’s family are rejoicing at Thomas’s capture. They shared a picture of him on Chucky’s Instagram on Wednesday (December 22), captioning it, “God Will Always Prevail && Even Tho This Is Only The Beginning, It’s A Step In The Right Direction.” Chucky, We’re Going to Get You Some Justice!


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Manager Statement

According to an interview conducted on Friday by Eyewitness News with the rapper’s management, Bone of Boneafied Entertainment, Detiege is in Atlanta to perform at an NBA All-Star weekend event.

Nearly three years ago, Detiege inked a contract with the company.

According to Bone, he met Detiege after the rapper got out of jail. He praised both Detiege’s “skill and passion for his songs.”

Located in southeast Houston, Detiege’s childhood home was in the South Park neighbourhood. His dad was a rapper, too, and he was in a Houston crew called the Trinity Garden Cartel.

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Learn More About Chucky Trill’s Net Worth Here.

He was probably working on building his production and music life when he was killed on March 6, 2021. Although his current net worth is unknown, we could estimate that he had a net worth of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars before he met his untimely demise. It is a tragedy to lose such a talented and promising young rapper who had a great deal of potential.

Chucky Trill Early Life and Family Background

Chucky Trill was born in Sugar Land, Texas, United States of America, under the name Corey Detiege; his father was also a rapper.

chucky trill death

He goes by the stage name D of Trinity Garden Cartel. His name is Darrell W. Williams S. Trill viewed his father as an inspiration and stated on The Donnie Houston Podcast, “he doesn’t want to be like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, he simply wants to be like his dad.” In the late 1990s, he was incarcerated. He was eventually released in 2016

Chucky Trill Career Highlights

After his father’s death, Trill began his career as a rapper and quickly rose to prominence. Both “Back Stabbers” and “Streets Don’t Love a Soul,” two of his songs, were released in June 2017 and August 2018, respectively. He kept at it after getting praise for his efforts. His tracks have garnered over 1.7 million views on YouTube and 116k airplay on SoundCloud, and he has collaborated with many well-known rappers, including J Dawg and Yung AI.

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In February 2019, Trill released a single titled “Keisha” off of his debut album Music for the Soul, which has since become a fan favourite. With over 230,000 YouTube views, it was one of his most popular works. About 7,000 people have played this song on SoundCloud.

In June of 2019, Chucky dropped a new single titled “Situations” off his introductory album Music for the Soul. John O and Politics from DSMG make appearances in the song. In his song, Chucky discusses the struggles he faces on a daily basis. More than 36,000 people have listened to the song on YouTube. Songs like “Double Up,” “Basic,” “Buss It,” “Fish Scale,” “Street Verified,” “Taking Notes,” and “Next to Blow” are among his many accomplishments.

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