Cocaine hidden in thermal concrete … Drug lord linked to Mexico card arrested in Barcelona

Spanish police on Tuesday arrested one of the world’s most wanted criminals. A group affiliated with the Mexican Cartel was removed.

One of the biggest culprits involved in drug trafficking was arrested in Barcelona early Tuesday morning in a macro-operation that removed a group linked to the Mexican cartel.

A total of 16 people were arrested in Barcelona, ​​Cadiz and Vigo by Guardia Civil and Policia National. In the Catalan capital, police action has been hampered by drug and immoral cases in recent months in the districts of Poble-Sec and Sant Antoni.

According to Newspaper, Cocaine and methamphetamine were hidden in hot concrete blocks, allowing the drugs to enter the port of Barcelona.

The main suspect in the arrest was wanted by Interpol and is being monitored by several European police forces. The kidnapper was the leader of a gang centered on cocaine from the United States and hashish from North Africa.
In all, police seized 2,549 kg of methamphetamine, 1.3 tonnes of cocaine and more than 17,000 liters of narcotics.

Based in Spain and the Netherlands, the expelled group had ties to Peltron Leva’s Mexican cartel. The gang had several parallel businesses to commit money laundering. One of them made ice cream.