Cody Rigsby Net Worth

Cody Rigsby Net Worth: How He Became a Billionaire? Latest News 2022!

Cody Rigsby resides in the United States and is a social media star, dancer, and fitness instructor. His position as a fitness instructor at Peloton is mostly responsible for his fame. Rigsby is also well-known for his Instagram posts, which offer motivational fitness and lifestyle advice to his one million followers.

Early years and Youth

Cody Rigsby, a 35-year-old American fitness instructor, professional dancer, and entrepreneur, is well-known. He is a dancer as well. Similarly, he was born on June 8, 1987, in California, United States of America. He was born into a Caucasian household and was given the zodiac sign Gemini.

He identifies as a Christian regarding his beliefs. In terms of his family history, Cindy Rigsby, who was a single mom, was responsible for his upbringing. On the other hand, there is limited information available regarding the family history; nevertheless, we will update you as soon as we learn more.

In terms of his academic background, he graduated from a local high school and obtained all of his diplomas. Since his school days, he has had a keen interest in dancing. He finally enrolled at the Broadway Dance Center to pursue this goal.

Occupational Life

Cody Rigsby was most thrilled about Cody’s dancing career in terms of their professional lives. On the other hand, he struggled to cover the cost of his dance classes. In addition to this, he worked in gay clubs and supported local artists.


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In addition to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, he began scheduling performances for Hollywood celebrities such as Katy Perry and Pitbull. However, the income was insufficient, so he started working as a fitness trainer and instructor for Peloton. Additionally, he has been hired by Peloton since that time.

Cody Rigbsy’s Private Life

Cody Rigby has been very honest about his sexual orientation. According to multiple sources, he is apparently spending time with Andres Alaro, his companion. In April of 2020, he initiated a relationship with Andres. Fearing that others would criticise him, he was reluctant to express his sexual orientation when he was younger.

Even while still in school, he attempted a relationship. However, things did not go as planned, and he eventually disclosed his sexual orientation. Cody has also noted that his increased confidence has led to beneficial adjustments in his life.

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Body Dimensions

According to the measurements he has provided, Cody Rigsby has a fairly well-defined muscular physique. As a fitness trainer, he understands how to preserve his own physical health. In addition, he maintains a regular gym workout schedule.


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Similarly, he follows a schedule for eating healthful foods. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall and stands at that height. Similarly, he weighs approximately 80 kg. In addition, he has brown eyes and dark brown hair, which contribute to his extremely attractive appearance.

Cody Rigsby’s partner

Cody is homosexual and is currently in a relationship with Andres Alaro, his partner. This leads us to his private life. He established a love relationship with Andres in April of 2020. In addition, he frequently socialises with an other LGBTQ acquaintance.

As previously stated, he is a gay man who is currently seeing Andres, his straight boyfriend. However, when he was younger, he found it difficult to accept the truth about himself.

In the beginning, he struggled to overcome his homophobia. In addition, he had an unsuccessful connection with a woman during his college years. Later, he summarises the confidence he has in accepting his sexuality. He made his sexual orientation known to the public. Since that time, he has enjoyed his life as a member of the LGBTQ community tremendously.

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How did he become an instructor for Peloton?

When a friend informed him that Rigsby Peloton was seeking teachers and that he could earn $150 per session, he leaped at the chance. Rigsby stated that he focused on his strengths rather than imitating the style of some of Peloton’s current coaches.

Cody Rigsby’s Wealth

Cody Rigsby’s wealth in 2022, according to some estimations, is somewhere in the vicinity of $4.5 million. It is believed that his seven years of labour at Peloton enabled him to accumulate such a significant fortune.

Cody’s earnings from his work as a cast member on Dancing with the Stars may also be impressive; however, he has not yet divulged the exact amount of money he makes from the dance show.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What Country Does Cody Rigsby Represent?

Cody Rigsby is a fitness teacher, dancer, and television personality from the United States.

What did Cody Rigsby do before to founding Peloton?

Cody Rigsby, who moved from Greensboro, North Carolina to New York City in 2010, was a professional dancer before becoming one of the most in-demand instructors at Peloton and the company’s director of cycling.

Where did Cody Rigsby finish on the Dwts?

Fans of Cody Rigsby, who placed third, express gratitude that he did not win first place. After a long and hard journey, the Dancing With the Stars Finale was a magnificent night for the stars that made it to the finals.