Colby Covington Net Worth: How Much Money He Earns In 2022? Updates!

Colby Covington was born in Clovis, which is located in the state of California in the United States, on February 22, 1988. The fighter, who measures 5 feet 11 inches in height and weighs 169 pounds, dominated the room. Covington has spent his entire career as a professional boxer in the welterweight division.

The multiple sponsorships and high-profile fights in which Colby Covington has participated have increased his riches. In 2011, he joined the American Top Team, where he remained until 2020. Colby’s character is aptly mirrored by his moniker, “Chaos,” and his general disposition.

Colonel Colby Covington Early years

Colby Covington was born in 1988 in Clovis, California. His sisters are Candace and Callie. Brad participated in wrestling at SOU and OIT. Colby moved to Oregon at the age of eight. During his senior year at Thurston High School in Springfield, he won the state championship at 171 pounds in wrestling. Covington was accepted to ASU, but his exam scores were insufficient, so he enrolled at Iowa Central Community College.

During his freshman year, he was undefeated and won the national junior college wrestling championship at 165 pounds, going 34–0. Jon Jones, a UFC champion and his college roommate, was the champion of the UFC.

Colby transferred to the University of Iowa a year after his arrest for DUI and flight from police, when he was suspended from the wrestling team. Even though he was detained with a BAC three times the legal limit, he later described the incident as “a truly terrible point in my life, one I wish I could take back.”

When Covington transferred to Oregon State University for his junior and senior years, he qualified both times for the NCAA tournament and earned All-American honours as a senior. At the 2013 FILAG Grappling No-Gi World Championships, he earned the gold medal. Colby, a sociology major, won the Pac-10 Conference at 174 pounds on two occasions and graduated from the institution in 2011.

Colby Covington Profession

Covington was selected for the American Top Squad mixed martial arts team after his college graduation. In 2014, when he joined with the UFC, he already had a perfect record of five victories and no defeats. At UFC Fight Night 48 on August 23, 2014, he made his professional debut with the UFC by defeating Anying Wang.

This occasion occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada. At UFC Fight Night 89 and UFC 202, Colby defeated promotional newbies Jonathan Meunier and Max Griffin, respectively. After that, he defeated Wagner Silva at UFC Fight Night 56 and Mike Pyle at UFC 187, but finally fell short against Warlley Alves in December 2015 at UFC 194.

Colby Covington Net Worth

Following those victories, he defeated Bryan Barberena (UFC on Fox 22), Dong Hyun Kim (UFC Fight Night 111), Demian Maia (UFC Fight Night 119), and Rafael dos Anjos (UFC Fight Night 119). (UFC 225).

After defeating dos Anjos, Covington was given the title of Interim UFC Welterweight Champion. Due to sinus surgery in September 2018, he was unable to compete against Tyron Woodley, the champion at the time, at UFC 228.

Therefore, the promotion planned a bout between Woodley and Darren Till, and they suggested that Colby’s championship will be stripped after the fight between Woodley and Till.

Covington defeated Robbie Lawler in the main event of UFC on ESPN 5 and set a record for the most strikes in a UFC match (541). In December of 2019, he fractured his left mandible when challenging Kamaru Usman for the Welterweight Championship. Usman knocked out Colby.

In May 2020, Colby left American Top Team. “I’m with Colby Covington” I am Colby Covington in business, on the squad, and in every aspect. My new squad” In September 2020, he defeated Tyron Woodley via TKO after Woodley’s rib fractured. He defeated Jorge Masvidal in March 2022 and earned Fight of the Night. In November 2021, Usman prevailed by a unanimous vote.

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Personal Life

In May 2010, two men accused Covington of assaulting them during a heated dispute. The Benton County district attorney did not file charges against Colby. Covington presented the Interim UFC Welterweight Championship to President Trump at the White House following his victory. Colby attributed his accomplishment to the troops and first responders, and he criticised Black Lives Matter, stating, “BLM is a scam.” Humor.


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They recruit terrorists. Themselves.” He predicted, “On November 3, Donald Trump would defeat Sleepy Joe. It is a rout.” Joe Biden received roughly 7 million more votes than Donald Trump, setting a new record for a U.S. presidential candidate. In March of 2022, UFC adversary Jorge Masvidal reportedly injured one of Covington’s teeth. Masvidal was accused of vandalism and assault.


Colby Covington obtained his high school graduation from Thurston High. He then pursued his studies at Iowa Central University State College.

There, Covington began his professional wrestling career, and it was also there that he obtained admission to Oregon State University. Subsequently, he began a career in wrestling and mixed martial arts (MMA).

What Does He Earn Per Fight?

According to reports, Covington received $532,000 from the fight. When Masvidal faced Usman at UFC 261, it was anticipated that he would receive around $532,000 in prize money.

Colby Covington Has a Net Worth of $.

Colby Covington is a famous American citizen. Covington is successful and affluent in MMA. He has numerous victories and is regarded as the greatest welterweight.

He was an American world champion wrestler. Covington abandoned wrestling for mixed martial arts and flourished. Colby Covington has two million dollars. His true net worth could be greater.

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Colby Covington’s Profession and Honors

Colby Covington got his start in the sport of wrestling. In 2006, he was the best wrestler in his high school weight class, winning the state championship at 171 pounds.

He continued to win fights and have a successful fighting career after enrolling in college. He went on to compete in the NCAA tournament, where he produced one of the best performances ever by a freshman. He helped Oregon State University win two PAC-10 Championships in 2010 and 2011. He earned the men’s grappling gold medal at the 2013 World Championships.


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He began his career in mixed martial arts by instructing people how to wrestle in a gym. In 2011, he was chosen for the United States national team. For his accomplishments, he was named UFC Fighter of the Year for 2014.

Colby Covington is presently the top-ranked welterweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s welterweight division (UFC). In 2017 and 2018, Covington also competed in Impact Wrestling and WrestlePro, respectively…

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Commonly Asked Questions

What Did Colby Covington Suggest Regarding Dustin Povrier?

After the fight at UFC 272, Covington did an interview in which he criticised Poirier and the mixed martial arts superstar’s family. Covington commented, “I recently cleaned up the trash on the streets of Miami, and now it’s time to clean up the trash in the swamps of Louisiana.”

Who did Colby Covington refer to following Masvidal?

After defeating Jorge Masvidal in a grudge match at UFC 272, Colby Covington calls Dustin Poirier “swamp filth” and rants at him.

What Did Colby Covington Say in His Interview Following the Fight?

Covington defeated Maia by a unanimous decision, but in his post-fight interview with Daniel Cormier, he entirely flipped his position. Covington yelled over the microphone, “You filthy monsters are all useless,” which was received with loud boos from the Ginásio do Ibirapuera audience. “Brazil, you’re a dump.


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