Constantine 2 Release Date: Plot | Cast | Trailer | And More!

Constantine is a 2005 American superhero horror film directed by Francis Lawrence in his directorial debut. It is loosely based on DC Comics’ Hellblazer comic book and was written by Kevin Brodbin and Frank Cappello.

Keanu Reeves plays John Constantine, a cynical exorcist with the ability to perceive and communicate with half-angels and half-demons in their true forms, as well as travel between Earth and Hell.

Rachel Weisz, Shia LaBeouf, Tilda Swinton, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Djimon Hounsou, Gavin Rossdale, and Peter Storm also appear.

Constantine 2 Release Date

There is currently no release date for Constantine 2. The project is currently in its early stages of development, so there will be no noteworthy updates for some time.

Goldsman must still piece together the script, and Lawrence and the team of producers are presumably still working out the larger story details. This is coupled with the busy schedules of Keanu Reeves and Francis Lawrence.

Lawrence is currently working on The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, the prequel to The Hunger Games, and is also attached to the Netflix adaptation of the video game Bioshock.

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Since Reeves is currently attached to approximately four franchises and his career is in full swing, it is highly unlikely that the Constantine sequel will be his only upcoming project for some time. Constantine 2, the sequel to the 2005 film Constantine, will not be released for some time.

Constantine 2 Plot

There are numerous comic book storylines from which to draw inspiration for a Constantine sequel. We’ve seen him before, usually in the context of other DC characters’ stories, but not often in his own.

This is due to the fact that his job is somewhat “on-call.” Exorcists, like paramedics or pizza deliverymen, only work when they are needed, so when a hero in the DC universe is having an unusual religious experience or encounter with a demon, Constantine appears.

Constantine 2 Release Date

Typically, the character will appear in a cameo or a single shot, similar to how Johanna Constantine appeared in Sandman. However, after this character’s personal story, we usually get a glimpse into the depths of hell that exist within the human soul.

Constantine had just quit smoking when we last saw him. After being given a second chance at life, he seemed eager to turn over a new leaf and appreciate the life he had been given. However, this renewal did not come cheap.

Chas (Shia LaBeouf), his right-hand man, had died in their quest to stop the antichrist. Father Hennessy had been possessed with the desire to drink himself to death. Beeman had been eaten by insects. Perhaps we’ll see him on a revenge mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Constantine 2 Coming Out?

The script is not yet complete, and filming won’t begin for several months, so it’s safe to assume that we won’t see the Constantine sequel until at least 2024.

Will Keanu Reeves Play Constantine Again?

A Sequel to the Film “Constantine” is in the Works. Keanu Reeves and Francis Lawrence Are Set to Reprise Their Roles in the Warner Bros. Sequel to the 2005 Film.

Why is There No Constantine Sequel?

During a Panel Celebrating the Film’s 15th Anniversary at San Diego Comic-con, Goldsman Stated That They Had Attempted to Make a Constantine Sequel for Years, but the Studio Said the Film’s Box Office Earnings Did Not Justify It. “We Wanted to Make a Sequel Rated R,” He Stated at the Time.

Is Constantine From Marvel or Dc?

John Constantine (/Konstantin/) is a Dc Comics-published Superhero Who Appears in American Comic Books Written by John Constantine. Constantine Was Created by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette, John Totleben, Jamie Delano, and John Ridgway, and Made His First Appearance in Swamp Thing #37 (June 1985).

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