December 1, 2021


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COVID-19: Delta variant reduces the effectiveness of vaccines against the virus by up to 40%

“Vaccines save lives, but they do not completely prevent the spread of Covit-19”, Tetros Adonom Caprese explained during a regular press conference dedicated to the catastrophic epidemic in Europe.

“Before the advent of the delta variant, the spread of vaccines was reduced by about 60%, and with delta it was reduced to 40%.”, He insisted.

“In many countries and communities, we fear that there is a misconception that vaccines have brought an end to the epidemic and that those who have been vaccinated no longer need to take other precautionary measures.”, He added.

Europe has been particularly affected by the 5th wave

The director general of the organization made his traditional opening remarks about the situation in Europe, which was hit hard by the fifth wave of infections, which was caused by a combination of inadequate vaccination rates and relaxed gestures and restrictions.

“Last week, more than 60% of global goiter infections and deaths occurred in Europe”, Dr. Tedros recalled, adding “These large numbers of cases translate into unbearable burdens on health systems and exhausted health workers.”.

With more than 2.5 million cases and nearly 30,000 deaths reported in the past week, according to official data collected by the AFP, the Old Continent is the region most affected by the epidemic in the world. And the trend continues to increase.

On Tuesday, the WHO Europe was on alert“Hold” In addition to the already estimated 1.5 million deaths, Covid-19 in Europe could kill another 700,000 on the continent in the spring.