Covid Point: Reduce pollution, reduce control from September 22nd

This afternoon, officials released statistics on pollution from 6 to 12 September 2021. From September 22, Guadeloupe will reduce control.

At a press conference on September 15, the regional president, the director of the regional health agency and the rector of the Guadeloupe Academy reviewed the health situation.


Numbers for Week 36:
Between September 6 and 12, 2021, there were 804 contaminants in Guadeloupe.
The positive ratio is 6.9.
108 were admitted to the new hospital and 30 were hospitalized in Kovid intensive care.
At the companies in Guadeloupe, 56 patients died in the 36th week. That is, 26 women and 30 men, the youngest 35 years old and the oldest 92 years old. The average is 72 years old. Nearly half of the deaths occurred in intensive care. To date, this information does not take into account the number of deaths in cities.
The incidence rate is declining. The incidence rate at week 33 was 213.3 / 100,000 h population.
2 clusters were identified, including 1 in a health facility.


As of Tuesday, September 14: Guadeloupe had 201,607 total needles in the 36th week and 190,445 in the 35th week.
Vaccine protection rate over 18 years (at least one injection):
– Guadeloupe: 41.32%
– Saint-Martin: 44.30%
– Saint-Barth: 76.84%

5,179 adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 have received the first injection and 835 have received the second injection in Guadeloupe to date. The vaccination protection rate for those under 18 is 14.76%.

Vaccination duty for medical personnel

After the vaccination duty came into effect, Valerie Denex announced that a phase of vaccination control by health workers would be put in place until the end of the emergency in Guadeloupe.

Evolution of braking operations

President Alexandre Rochate announced on September 19 that the planned definition would take place in three phases based on the evolution of three criteria: incidence rates, positive rates, and hospital stress:

Phase I: The incidence rate is less than 200/100 000 h in people, the positive rate is less than 10, and hospital pressure is associated with 150% of hospital capacity. This phase will theoretically be reached by the middle of next week.
The second stage is events with less than 75/100 000 h, the positive ratio is less than 5, and the hospital pressure is related to 100% hospital efficiency. This phase will theoretically be reached in early October
Phase III events less than 50/100 000 h, with a positive ratio of less than 5, correspond to the full output of activities associated with the hospital pressure Orson project level 2. This stage can theoretically be reached by mid-October

Since September 22 he has further clarified

– The curfew will be adjourned until 8 p.m.
– Travel limit is 10 km instead of 5 km
– Beaches are open in the morning and afternoon
Non-essential businesses will reopen
– Some activities are subject to a health pass (sports halls, museums, restaurants, parks, cinemas, zoos)
Cycling competitions can take place behind closed doors

Prior to the September 29 update, new meetings will be held with city halls and community experts to move to new stages of deregulation.