Daisy Keech Net Worth: How Is Daisy Keech So Rich? Updated 2022!

Daisy Keech is a well-known fitness vlogger and TikTok celebrity. The model gained a following on Instagram with her exercise and modelling photographs.

Daisy Keech has millions of TikTok followers. She has 5.8 million Instagram and 6 million TikTok followers. The fashion model Daisy Keech has 1.80 million YouTube subscribers.

Daisy Keech is a well-known TikTok celebrity. Daisy Keech’s net worth consists of her income, earnings, assets, and other valuables, such as her car collection, diet, and lavish lifestyle, as well as her work history, biography, and other information.

Early Years

The 12th of August is her birthday, and she was born in Los Angeles, which is in the United States. Regarding her family, including her parents and siblings, only limited information is available.

She enjoys maintaining privacy. Daisy spent her high school years playing soccer. She was a member of the varsity soccer team throughout her high school career. She decided to forego her education in favour of the opportunities presented to her as a result of her social media fame.

The year 2018 marked the creation of her Instagram account. Currently, 5,3 million people are following her on this platform.

Daisy created an account on the music video platform TikTok in 2019. People began to notice her in a relatively short period of time. On this platform, she has approximately 6,2 million followers. She creates films in which she dances and lip-syncs.


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The Keech Peach eight-week booty programme was inspired by her beautiful and slender physique. Her moniker is derived from the programme. Everyone who desires a fuller, rounder, and perkier derriere should participate in the exercise programme, as it was designed specifically for them.

Her buttocks are so popular that they have their own Instagram account. Naturally, “keechpeach” would be selected as the account’s username. It’s fortunate that she used that rhyme, because if she hadn’t it would have been terrible! There were rumours that her butt was an imitation, but she proved that those rumours were false. She shared with the world a video in which a physician “verified” that her butt was real.

Daisy uploaded her first video to her YouTube channel on February 24, 2018. It was a video of a workout regimen. She currently has close to one million subscribers to her YouTube channel.

The dog is a German shepherd and its name is Harley. Moreover, her pet has an Instagram account. She is obsessed with her daughter. When we say that her Twitter bio is accurately described, we mean that it read something like “simply a girl who loves her dog…a lot.”

Daisy belonged to a TikTok house with the moniker “Hype House.” As of March 2020, we are aware that she is no longer present. She is currently in the process of launching her own clubhouse. The Clubhouse is already active on both Instagram and TikTok, where it has amassed a substantial following.

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Daisy Keech Endorsement

Daisy Keech is a prominent social media and TikTok celebrity in the United States, and she is frequently the top choice for brand promotions and sponsorships. She has worked as an endorser for numerous companies, including Bali Body, Pave Fleur, Supreme, Fashion Nova clothing, Ko-Watches, Manscaped, Bang Energy drink, and Women’s Best Nutrition. These are only a few instances.

Daisy Keech Weight Loss

The daily activities in which Daisy Keech engages are a topic that many men find fascinating. Therefore, shall we examine her exercise regimen in greater detail? Daisy Keech has a perfectly toned body due to the fact that she follows all of Daisy Keech’s health and fitness recommendations and engages in daily yoga sessions and other forms of exercise.


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Due to her egg sensitivity, Daisy is unable to consume more than 1500 to 1600 calories per day. She adheres to a regimented diet and exercise regimen, which has allowed her to attain a slimmer physique.

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Daisy Keech Purchased the Clubhouse?

Shortly thereafter, Keech decided to leave the group and establish the Clubhouse, her organisation. It consisted of a variety of female content creators, including Instagram model and YouTuber Abby Rao.

At the age of 20, Daisy had created a distinct image for herself. She is currently incredibly successful in everything she does. Operating a YouTube channel, modelling, collaborating with major brands, maintaining a training programme, and so on.

Daisy Keech Wealth

Her estimated net worth in 2021 is approximately $500,000 USD. Keech has a bright future ahead of her and much more to accomplish.

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Commonly Asked Questions

How does Daisy Keech exercise?

This exercise begins by assuming a seated position on the floor with your knees bent. While maintaining a straight back, lean back slightly and lift your legs off the ground. First, twist to the opposite side of the one you began on as far as possible without touching the ground, and then twist to the opposite side of that.

Daisy Keech Attends College?

Daisy attended Santa Barbara City College for some time before leaving to pursue the career she had always desired.

How Is Daisy Keech So Rich?

Multiple platforms, including YouTube, social media, a TikTok account, and numerous brand endorsement opportunities, contribute to her income. Daisy Keech earns a significant amount of money through her YouTube channel. According to estimates, Daisy Keech earns approximately $130,000 annually.

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