Dark Desire Season 3 Release Date: Will Netflix Renew It for Another Season?

On February 2, Netflix released Dark Desire season 2, allowing viewers to witness what transpired following the enormous cliffhanger at the end of season 1. Now, viewers want to know if Dark Desire will return for a third season.

Dark Desire became the most-watched non-English title on Netflix when its release was in July 2020. In the first four weeks after its debut, the first season was reportedly watched by 35 million homes.

It’s not unexpected that there were so many viewers of the Netflix original series because it has a lot of exciting plot twists and is addictive. When you begin the first episode, you cannot stop. It moves quickly, boasts excellent acting, and is chock-full of suspense and intrigue.

It’s simple to understand why people want more of a show like this since it’s simply too difficult to end. We’re about to reveal to you whether or not Dark Desire season 3 will feature more of the plot.

Recap of Dark Desire’s Seasons 1 and 2

Dark Desire Season 3

The first season’s 18 episodes cover various topics, including erotic fiction, intimacy, thriller, love, and numerous complications between romantic partners.

Alma, a law professor, married to a judge, is the story’s center. It also has to do with their relationship. The program debuted on July 15, 2020. It later received numerous additional awards.

We discovered after the first season that Brenda had passed away because the guy she cherished (Esteban) had fallen in love with her sister. As a result, she could not maintain her friendship with his best friend’s husband (Alma). Because Alma will be deeply affected by Brenda’s suicide, the effects can be explored in the upcoming series.

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By the end of the season, we also noted that Alma and her husband, Leonardo, had finally separated from one another. Can Dario, whose past flame we now know is still alive, reappear in her life?

Regarding Dario, near the end of the series, he and his criminal partner Esteban fled after carrying out Jose Luis Valdez’s murder. What will Dario do with his life now that his grandfather has left him an inherited fortune? You’ll learn in season two, we’re confident.

The Plotline of Dark Desire Season 2

Dark Desire Season 3

Dark Desire Season 2 continues the story from the first season. Alma, who is troubled and trying to take back control of her life but still fixated on her memories of Dario, is no longer residing at her parents’ house (Alejandro Spitzer).

She enrolls in a counseling program with a group of women since the thought of her ex-lover continues to torment her. There, she meets Lys, a middle-aged woman with a shrouded background.

To marry Julieta, Dario travels to Mexico with his inherited inheritance (Ariana Saavedra). Dario’s affair with Alma is restarted, though, and things become enigmatic once Alma receives a mystery invitation.

As Dario’s past secrets come to light and tragic events result in the death of his fiancée Julieta, Alma must choose whether she wants to build a future with Dario or embrace the truth and do what is right.

The Release Date of Dark Desire Season 3

On August 19, 2020, Netflix resurrected the Dark Desire series for its second season. The show has also begun filming, lasting from January through March 2021. Additionally, the 18-episode second season of the Dark Desire television series will soon be accessible on the Netflix OTT Platform. The deadline for delivery date notifications is February 2, 2022.

Netflix’s debut of the famous Mexican web-thriller by Argos Comunicacion was successful. The third season of Dark Desire is necessary because of its incredible success.

There won’t be the third chapter. In August 2020, Netflix announced that the second season of Dark Desire would be the show’s last. The second season pretty much had everything wrapped up properly. A third season is, therefore, unnecessary.

The Dark Desire series also received several awards, including the BreakTudo Award and the GQ Men of the Year Awards in 2020.

Netflix Has Confirmed the Third Season of Dark Desire

On February 2, Netflix launched Dark Desire Season 2, which quickly climbed to the Top 10 lists. In response to the first season’s popularity, the show was renewed for Season 2 on August 19, 2020. However, the streaming juggernaut stated that Season 2 would be the show’s last season in the trailer, aired in September 2021.

It’s clear why after Season 2’s conclusion. Spoilers ahead, beware! Season 2 ended with Alma convincing Darió that he had killed his fiancée, Julieta. To get to the plot twist, there was a lot of lying, hot s*x, backstabbing, and shocking revelations.

Dark Desire Season 3

Darió was tied to a hospital bed at the conclusion, and Alma was finally given the freedom to leave the hottie who had become her obsession. If Season 3 is confirmed, Darió would need to find a means to break out of jail, but the plot might now become even more absurd.

However, given the show’s rising popularity and the Desire for more episodes, the showrunners may decide to renew Dark Desire, so we can’t completely rule it out. Let’s keep our expectations in check until Netflix formally renews the show. After all, Season 2 still has a few loose ends. Ideally, a Zoe or Esteban-centered spin-off will be produced.

Dark Desire/Oscuro Deseo has a strong desire for a second season. On Twitter, several viewers expressed their Desire for Netflix to continue airing the series, so hopefully, a third season will be released.

The Cast of Dark Desire Season 3

Let’s take a look at the Dark Desire third season cast that is anticipated.

  • The actress Maite Perroni plays Alma Solares.
  • Leonardo Solares is played by Jorde Poza.
  • The actress Paulina Matos plays Edith Ballesteros.
  • The actor Erik Hayser plays Esteban Solares.
  • The actor Alejandro Speitzer plays Dario Guerra.
  • The actress Maria Fernanda Yepes plays Brenda Castillo.
  • In the movie, Regina Pavon plays Zoe Solares
  • Garcia played by Claudia Pineda
  • Actress Samantha Orozco plays Rosalba.
  • Taking on the position of Therapist is Magali Boysselle

How Many Seasons Are There in Dark Desire?

Dark Desire has just two seasons, and you can watch them both right now on Netflix. Eighteen episodes make up the first season, while 15 episodes make up the second season. The episodes don’t last more than 40 minutes.

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