Dc Young Fly Net Worth 2022: Do You Know How Much He Makes From His Stand-up Gigs?

DC Young Fly is a nickname for John Whitfield. DcYoungFly is an American rapper, comedian, TV personality, singer, and songwriter.

He is best known for appearing on MTV’s Wild N Out on a regular basis. He is also well-known for the roasting trials he posts on Vine and Instagram.

He is a flying unit that appears in Season 7 of Wild’s improved comedy concert. He was also a very important commentator on MTV’s decision to bring back TRL. He is also known for his appearances on the podcasts “85 South Show,” “Karlous Miller,” and “Chico Bean.”

Young D.c. Fly Persnol’s Life

He needed a brother, who went by the stage name Da Crew and was just a famous hip-hop artist. After his brother was killed in 2011, DcYoungFly got a tattoo on his brow to remember him.

It is not possible to find out about the rapper’s parents. His mom, on the other hand, was shown in a few of the YouTube videos.

In DcYoungFly’s love life, Ms. Jacky Oh, who he worked with on Wild’N Outside, is now a part of it. Nova is one of the girls in the group.

Ms. Jacky Oh is also a very successful model, and she has her own line of cosmetics. Today, DcYoungFly lives in Los Angeles with his family.

Earning Money Through His TV Career

At first, D.C. Young Fly made a lot of money by appearing on MTV’s “Wild n Out.” He even did shows on Nick Cannon’s show “Wild n Out” on a regular basis. Then he became well-known because of his acting.


Well, DC Young Fly played Eric in the popular movie “Almost Christmas,” which was his first role in a movie. So many famous artists, like Gabrielle Union, Omar Epps, Kimberly Elsie, and Danny Glover, worked with him on this movie. The movie could bring in more than $15.5 million at the box office.

Professional Life

DC Young Fly’s first job on the Internet was as a vine star. Then he started acting in a number of TV shows. Then he started posting videos on YouTube and got a lot of attention. He is now an actor, singer, rapper, comedian, and TV star all at the same time.
So far, he’s been doing great. As a young artist, he has won a lot of awards and done a lot of great things.

Dc Young, is He Flies in a Relationship?

DC Young Fly has been going out with Jacky Oh. In fact, they have been together for 3 to 4 years. They have two daughters. The two of them are happy and live well together. They will soon get married.

How Dc Young Fly Spends His Time and Money?

DC In 2014, Young Fly bought his mother a Mercedes Benz. He used to drive a Ford car back then. But after a few years, he sold the car to his mother that he had bought.

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And he gave his mother a second brand-new car. Well, he has a number of expensive cars. He also has a nice home in Los Angeles, where he used to live with his wife and kids.

How Much Does Dc Young Fly Make for Each Show?

DC Young Fly has also made a lot of money from his many comedy and music tours, as well as from social media. The average show like his can make between $2,000 and $5,000.

How much money DC Young Fly has: DC Young Fly is an American writer and actor with a $2 million net worth. DC Young Fly was born in May 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2015, he became the star of the TV show Wild ‘N Out.

Second, how much do the people who are in Wild N Out make?

Right now, it is thought that he is worth $50 million. Most of his huge income comes from his high and off-the-charts music career and his work on TV. Nick Cannon makes a huge $70,000 per episode of Wild N Out. Apr 28, 2020

Dc Young Fly Net Worth in 2022

In 2022, DC Young Fly could have a net worth of $3 Million. TV shows, movies, and YouTube are his main sources of income.

DC is also a well-known rapper whose live shows cost between $30,000 and $50,000. DC’s albums and singles have already made him a lot of money. DC Young Fly has a monthly income of more than $40,000.

He is one of the best comedians in the movie business, and he has been on many shows. Nick Cannon’s show Wild ‘n Out on MTV, which was a comedy improv show, made him well-known.

He is a well-known character on the show, and his acting is praised. His comedic skills, unique voice, and energetic performances helped him get where he is today.

DC Young Fly is paid between $30,000 and $50,000 to speak. DC Young Fly usually travels from Atlanta, GA, USA, and can be hired for corporate events, appearances, keynote speeches, and other performances.

Does anyone know how much DC Young Fly makes from his stand-up gigs?

DC Comedienne Young Fly pulls in a tidy sum from her performances. He “roasts” the other cast members in hilarious raps and is most recognized for this role on Wild ‘N Out.

DC Young Fly has missed some seasons of Wild ‘N Out since its 2005 premiere. Former spouse and Hollywood actor Nick Cannon is executive producing Mariah Carey’s new program.

Although his episode salary on Wild ‘N Out is a mystery, he is the show’s most popular cast member on social media and is rumored to be among the highest-paid staff members, according to industry insiders.


DC Young Fly has multiple streams of income thanks to his current tour performing stand-up comedy across the country.

He founded DC Comedy Exchange, a comedy improv theatre, in Miami Beach, Florida, in 2021.

Questions People Usually Ask

What is D.C. Young Fly’s age?

D.C. Young Fly is 30 years old right now (2 May 1992).

What is D.C. Young Fly’s Height?

D.C. Young Fly stands 1.80 m (5′ 11″) tall.

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