Death of Aptelys bouteflika: Algerian power embarrassed

A portrait of the former Algerian president, 84, was unveiled in Algiers on September 18, the day after his death.

He will rest in Martyrs’ Square at El Alia Cemetery in Algiers. Apothecary Bouteflika will be buried on Sunday, September 19, with the heroes of the War of Independence.

The former Algerian president, who was ousted from power in 2019 after twenty years as head of Algeria, died on Friday at the age of 84 in his nursing home in Geralda (west of Algeria), where he lived alone for two and a half years. State television says his funeral will take place after the Thor prayer (after 1pm local time).

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His bodies will already be on display at the People’s Palace, a ceremonial building in the center of Algiers, to allow dignitaries and citizens to pay their last respects before heading to El Alia’s grave, ten kilometers away. According to several local media.

It is in the Martyrs’ Square of this cemetery that all his ancestors rest with the great personalities and martyrs of the War of Independence (1954-1962).

Since the announcement of his death, which provoked embarrassing reactions from Algerian authorities, Mr. Uncertainty prevailed over the place where Bepetlika was to be buried and his funeral. Weak and vague, suffering from a stroke in 2013, Mr. Bouteflika was forced to resign on April 2, 2019.

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At the end of several hours of hesitation without an official reaction, President Abdelmadjit Deboun, who was prime minister under Budaflika, announced the half-mast of the national flag in a statement on Saturday afternoon. “For three days”, க honor ரவிக்க “Former President, Mouthjahid [combattant de l’indépendance] Apothecary Bouteflika.

Algerian flags were hoisted at half-mast on Saturday, September 18, the day after former President Abdelaziz Botteflika died.

Former heads of state who died earlier were buried with great honors, such as Ahmed Ben Bella (1963-1965), the first president of independent Algeria, who received the right to a funeral after his death in April 2012.

After eight days of national mourning, Mr. Pedeflika personally went with the coffin of the rest of the People’s Palace to El Alia’s tomb in the presence of all political class and senior leaders. Magreb.

The third president of Algeria (1979 to 1992), Chadli Bentzid, was buried with all honors in October 2012, at the beginning of the democratization of institutions, and eight days of national mourning were imposed after his death.

As a sign of the embarrassment of the authorities, the official media only briefly mentioned the death of the ousted president and, unlike his predecessors, did not assign him special plans.

State television did not speak until Saturday evening, although it was brief on news coverage of the former president’s nearly 60-year political career.

Postponement of funeral arrangements, according to an observer, illustrates the fear of vicious protests against a president with a bad image. Chad, Mr Bouteflika’s brother, who is currently in jail on corruption charges, was allowed to attend the funeral, his lawyer, Mee Saleem Hatjuti, said.

  • The King of Morocco sends his condolences to the Algerian President

King Mohammed VI of Morocco sent a message on Saturday, September 18th “Condolences and Compassion” To Algerian President Abdelmajit Deboun, following the death of former head of state Abdelzej Bouteflika.

“In this tragic situation, HM King extends his deepest condolences and his genuine condolences to the President of Algeria and, through him, to the family of the deceased and to the brotherly Algerian people.”, Confirms this news spread by the newspaper MAP at a time when MAGreb’s two neighbors are facing a serious diplomatic crisis.

King of Morocco “Asked to remember the specific ties that bound the dead child to Morocco, during his childhood and during his studies in the city of Ojda, or during the process for the liberation of Sister Algeria..

Mr. Te deflicka was born on March 2, 1937, in Ojda, Morocco, near the Algerian border, to a family in the Tlemcen region (northwestern Algeria).

Sovereignty of Morocco declares him “Deep grief and deep emotion” After hearing the news of the death of the former Algerian president, it occurs in the midst of a diplomatic stalemate between Algiers and Rabat.

On August 24, Algeria broke up Its diplomatic relations with Morocco, Blames him “Anti-activities” After months of escalating tensions between the two rival Maghreb countries. Morocco, for its part, regretted this decision “Absolutely unfair” And rejected “Stupid, ridiculous, excuses underlie it.”.

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Relations between the two neighbors Traditionally tough Due, in particular, the thorny issue of the Western Sahara.

In late July, Morocco condemned the sovereignty “Tension” Along with Algeria, Algerian President Abdelmatjit calls on Debouin “To Conquer Wisdom” And “Work Together to Build Relationships” Between the two countries.

Diplomatic relations between the two countries were first severed on March 7, 1976, when Rashad ended his relationship with Algiers. The border between Algeria and Morocco was officially closed on August 16, 1994.

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