Debbie Rowe Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Did Michael Jackson Give Her?

Deborah Jeanne Rowe is a dermatology assistant from the United States who is best known for her marriage to pop superstar Michael Jackson. Together, the couple had two children during their time together. Palmdale, in the state of California, is her home.

Debbie Rowe Early Life

Deborah Jeanne Rowe’s birthday is December 6th, and she was born in the state of Washington in 1958.

Rowe is Barbara Chilcutt and Gordon Rowe’s daughter. Rowe was named after her father. Her mother and her father got a divorce just a few weeks before she became two years old. Her father’s name is Gordon.

Her mother, a few of her aunts, and her maternal grandmother took care of her when she was growing up. Rowe Edelman was her first husband, and the couple converted to Judaism after their marriage in 1982. After a few more years of marriage, the couple divorced in 1988.

Debbie Rowe Career Highlights

While Jackson was getting his vitiligo treated, he crossed paths with Rowe. She became pregnant in 1996, and the couple tied the knot in Sydney, Australia that same year.

On August 25, 1997, she gave birth to Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. In Beverly Hills, California, she gave birth to her daughter Paris Jackson the next year, in 1999.

Debbie Rowe net worth

Rowe has said that she is an extremely private person, and she practically never does interviews because of this. When Rowe and Jackson separated in 1999, she granted Jackson sole legal and physical custody of their two children.

She took the matter of terminating her parental rights to the two children to a private judge in 2001. After Jackson was found guilty of ten counts of child abuse in 2004, she sought to have the verdict overturned.

She made a $1.3 million profit off the sale of her Beverly Hills mansion the following year, which she used to purchase a ranch in Palmdale. A few years later, she filed a lawsuit against Jackson for child custody and asked for a total of $295,000.

What is the Net Worth of Debbie Rowe?

According to celebrity net worth, American nurse Debbie Rowe is worth $20 million. Debbie Rowe is an assistant in dermatology who rose to fame as the wife of pop icon Michael Jackson (1996-1999). After much-publicized tension, the couple finally split, with Jackson receiving exclusive custody of their children, Prince and Paris. Rowe sought many child custody cases after Jackson was arrested for sexual assault of a minor in 2004.

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The First Marriage of Debbie Rowe

In 1982, Rowe tied the knot with Richard Edelman. He taught at Hollywood High School, where she had previously graduated. She married into a Jewish family and soon after began practicing Judaism as well. After being married for a while, the couple split up in 1988.

Initial Stages of Dating Michael Jackson

When Rowe was a dermatology assistant in the mid-1980s, singer Michael Jackson was one of Dr. Arnold Klein‘s patients. Jackson’s vitiligo was the reason Rowe first met him. The two became fast friends after bonding over their mutual experiences with a sour marriage. Jackson’s wife, Lisa Marie Presley, didn’t know about their acquaintance for a while. Rowe defended him at the time he was first accused of sexual misconduct with a minor. Rowe and Jackson both ended up divorcing their spouses.

Since Presley flatly refused to have children with her husband, he had Rowe deliver their son Jackson. She became pregnant for the first time in early 1996, shortly after her divorce from Jackson, but the pregnancy ended in miscarriage. When Rowe became pregnant for a second time later in the year, she was the focus of extensive tabloid coverage. Some of the pieces claimed that she had been artificially inseminated with Jackson’s sperm cells and that she was only dating him for financial reasons. Jackson has refuted all of the charges against him.

Got married to Michael Jackson

Once Katherine Jackson learned of Rowe’s pregnancy, she strongly suggested that her son marry her. She was adamant that her son not make the same mistake his father did and have an illegitimate kid while having an affair. Jackson’s mom urged him to marry Rowe, so he did so at the end of 1996 in Sydney, Australia. Many people, including many members of the media, were skeptical of the marriage and wondered if the couple truly loved each other.

Debbie Rowe net worth

Michael Jackson Jr. (later nicknamed Prince) was born to Rowe and Jackson in February 1997. Jackson took the youngster to Neverland Ranch after that. Jackson and Prince were just six weeks old when Rowe organized a photo shoot at a local hotel with the new parents and the photographer.

She had Jackson’s baby but was trying to keep her distance from the youngster. At Neverland, Prince was cared for by a team of nannies and babysitters, not just Rowe. Rowe and Jackson welcomed their second child together, a daughter they named Paris, in April of 1998. Throughout the years that followed, Paris Hilton worked as a model, singer, and actress. Rowe claims that she had two children with the use of in vitro fertilization.

Divorce Finalization and Its Consequences

Due to the overwhelming attention from the media, Rowe decided to divorce Jackson. The divorce was finalized in October 1999. In exchange for $8 million and a Beverly Hills mansion, Rowe gave Jackson full legal and physical custody of Prince and Paris. What was distributed as $8,000,000 in 1999 would be over $16,000,000 in today’s money.

Several years after the divorce was finalized, Rowe formally terminated her parental rights for her two children in front of a private judge. Several years later, however, she attempted to have the decision reversed due to the sexual assault charges made against Jackson while he was a child. After buying a property near Palmdale in 2005, Rowe relocated from Beverly Hills. To get her kids back, she sued Jackson the following year for $145,000.

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Debbie Rowe’s Real Estate

In November of 2004, Debbie received $1.5 million for the sale of the Beverly Hills mansion Jackson had given her in the divorce settlement. She also purchased a 2-acre lot in Palmdale, California, for $439,000 in the same month. Debbie’s Palmdale house is a horse property because she is a horse enthusiast.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money did Michael Jackson give Debbie Rowe?

In a settlement, Rowe won almost $10 million. Rowe also granted Jackson complete custody of her kids. Rowe and Jackson came to an agreement, and in 2006 Rowe reapplied for access to her two kids.

How much cash was given to Michael Jackson’s children?

The enormous $750 million ($A1 billion) his estate acquired from the sale of his Sony catalog will go to MICHAEL Jackson’s three children.

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