Deep Rock Galactic Season 2: When It Will Be Returned? Latest News in 2022!

Deep Rock Galactic, a well-liked independent video game, has recently gotten a new season of content for all platforms, including new objectives, weaponry, and cosmetics.

After two years of early access, Deep Rock Galactic makes its official debut in 2020 on PC and Xbox One to financial and critical success. Deep Rock Galactic’s 4-player co-op felt like a breath of fresh air in an oversaturated genre, with magnificent sci-fi aesthetics and a heavy emphasis on auxiliary objectives that fleshed out the action, despite the fact that the game’s primary premise is not especially original.

Deep Rock Galactic is still going strong two years later, having recently been ported to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Now that the fundamental game is complete, Ghost Ship Games is concentrating on the live-service components of the game. The business intends to add new objectives, weapons, and cosmetics to the game, including a number of recent additions from Deep Rock Galactic Season 2: Rival Escalation.

Date of the Season 2 Premiere of Deep Rock Galactic

Although there is still a long way to go before the release of Deep Rock Galactic Season 2, developer Ghost Ship Games previously stated that it would begin between March and April 2022, and later clarified that it is targeting an April release. It will be launched initially on Steam, then a few weeks later on consoles.

Season 2 of Deep Rock Galactic would likely conclude between August and October 2022, assuming the developer keeps season lengths between four and six months. Plans and dates are subject to change as the project advances, so we won’t know for certain until they are officially announced.

On March 24, the game’s Twitter account shared artwork depicting dwarfs firing arrows against a big adversary within an ice cave. The number 22 appears encased in the cold floor, which may indicate the premiere date for Season 2.

Developer-reported release dates for Deep Rock Galactic’s second season are April 28 for Steam users and May 5 for Microsoft Store/consoles. The second season of Deep Rock Galactic will be released on Steam on April 28, 2022, and on Microsoft Store/consoles on May 5, 2022. The second season of Deep Rock Galactic will be broadcast between August and October of 2022.

Additionally, the developer stated in a blog post that “Season 02 will be a little less ambitious and will be released sooner” than the first season, which took over seven months to complete.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 2

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New Objectives and Foes in Deep Rock Galactic Season Two

Season 2 of Deep Rock Galactic includes an innovative new challenge type. Season 2 adds a new mode called “Rival Signal” to the game’s existing eight mission types. During this event, players will encounter a series of communication relays while mining.

To stop these communication relays, players must first disable the central router, acquire access to the connected antennas, and steal and retrieve vital data from the server before it self-destructs. The mysterious Rivals have dispatched a swarm of driller robots to protect the relay, so the acts of the players will not go uncontested. Those who are very unfortunate may even encounter a Rival Nemesis, a ferocious squid-shaped robot boss.

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Season 2 Deep Rock Galactic Performance Pass

Season 2 of Deep Rock Galaxy includes an additional 100 levels of free cash, cosmetics, and minerals that may be used to unlock upgrades and further cosmetics. The deep rock galaxy season 2 performance pass includes several very bizarre beard styles, once again emphasising the game’s wit. A hockey mask like Jason Voorhees and cyberpunk-style glasses are also up for grabs.

In addition to the Performance Pass, phazyonite, a component gained through your adventures and the game’s cosmetic mastery system, can now be used to purchase particular cosmetics. This update enables players to purchase cosmetics without compromising beer, upgrades, or promotions, which previously required the same minerals. If it appears that the team is laying the groundwork for the future sale of phazyonite, this has been unequivocally rejected. The second season of Ghost Ship in Deep Rock Galactic was announced in a press release.

Games stated, “We have no plans to monetize this in any way.” Cargo Crates, Lost Packs, Cosmetic Cores, and The Shop now contain any Deep Rock Galactic rewards you were unable to claim during the first season.

New Weapons in Season 2 of Deep Rock Galactic

The swarm of new weapons included in the Season 2 update for Deep Rock Galactic is likely the most intriguing new addition. As a result of the addition of four new weapons, players will be able to dispatch their foes with greater variety than ever before. Each of Deep Rock Galactic’s four classes gets a stunning new weapon with this release.

The Nishanka Boltshark X-80 will be added to the arsenal of the Scout class. This weapon, which resembles a steampunk or science fiction crossbow, is capable of firing extraordinarily strong bolts, including unique ammunition such as triple bolts and elemental bolts such as acid, fire, and ice.

Engineers are equipped with the Shard Diffractor, which can shoot an extremely powerful beam right in front of them. Others caught in the Shard Diffractor’s beam will incur significant damage, while those in the surrounding area will be struck by the weapon’s inherent AoE.

The new weapon of the Gunner is the Armskore Coil Gun. The Armskore Coil Gun fires a single powerful charged beam, similar to the Engineer’s Shard Diffractor, but it can dig deep into the terrain and leave a fire trail in its wake, capable of inflicting immense damage on adversaries.

The Colette Wave Cooker is the final new piece of equipment introduced in Season 2. Although the Colette Wave Cooker is a beam-based weapon, it has a number of visual distinctions. The weapon’s beam is invisible, and when it kills an opponent, a unique death animation depicting the foe being “cooked” from the inside plays.

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New Deep Rock Galactic Cosmetics for Season 2

As one would expect from a live-service game, Deep Rock Galactic’s second season also adds a variety of additional cosmetics, all of which are accessible through the game’s Performance Pass. Unlike Fortnite, Apex Legends, and other competitors, Deep Rock Galactic’s Pass may be unlocked for free.

With the game’s Performance Pass, players can obtain 100 tiers of new beard options, headwear, and enhancements. This is a wonderful incentive for those willing to put in a lot of time in Deep Rock Galactic’s second season. To unlock these goods, simply play the game and earn the required crafting ingredients for each tier.


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