December 1, 2021


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Defensive satellites, drug lord arrest, surprise after death in US shooting

20 minutes This Monday has prepared for you a review of the weekend essential news to get you started again in the best possible circumstances. Good recovery for all.

1-A European rocket to establish French and European defenses

A European rocket Ariane5 Two communications satellites, including military communications, were launched into orbit overnight from Saturday to Sunday after uninterrupted departure from the Coro base in French Guiana.

The rocket carried two telecommunications satellites : Luxembourg Group SES-17, owned by SES, and Syracuse 4A, a military telecommunications satellite developed for the French Armed Forces Ministry, both built by Tales Alenia Space.

Syracuse 4A in particular should allow French forces to remain permanently attached during their deployment. With a congestion-resistant antenna and on-board digital processor, it aims to support NATO and European operations.

2-Colombia arrests one of the country’s most powerful drug traffickers

Colombia gave a blow to organized crime. Diro Antonio Usuka, the country’s most wanted drug trafficker, is known as “Autonial”, Captured in northwestern Colombia,

“Special recognition to the security forces for the capture of Deiro Antonio Usuka in Negoli,” Glan del Golbo’s senior leader “Ottoniel” greeted Emilio Archila, an adviser to President Ivan Duke, on Twitter. Cocaine is the world’s largest exporter.

Considering the volume of its traffic, Autonomous is not only interested in his country. The United States rewarded him with $ 5 million for his capture. A drug smuggler has been arrested in Necogli, one of the main forts of Glan del Colbo, near the Panama border.

3-The Taliban supply wheat in exchange for public works

Taliban government In power
Afghanistan Launched on the first Sunday in August 2021
A plan Giving wheat in exchange for work to tens of thousands of men across the country to fight hunger. Since the Taliban took over the country, the humanitarian situation there has been catastrophic.

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In Kabul, 40,000 jobs will thus be provided to men, for example digging canals and ditches to collect water and ice to combat water shortages.

For two months, 11,600 tonnes of wheat is to be supplied to the capital as wages and to 55,000 other major cities in the country such as Herat, Jalalabad or Kandahar.

4-Relatives of a photo director killed in a shooting in the United States express their pain

“Our loss is enormous.” Matt Hutchins responded on Twitter to the death of his wife, Halina Hutchins. Today, American actor Alec Baldwin Rustin fired the gun used as a stumbling block in the set, killing the film’s cinematographer and injuring its director.

“Halina encouraged all of us with her curiosity and vision, and most importantly in her legacy words, Matt Hutchins tweeted Saturday.”

American actor Alec Baldwin He said Friday he was “devastated” after being killed the previous day.
By accident A young woman located in the western part of the US state of New Mexico.

“Words failed to express my surprise and sadness after the tragic accident that killed Holina Hutchins,” the comedian wrote on Twitter, confirming his “full cooperation with the police investigation.”

5-Anne Sila is the winner of “The Voice, All Stars”

The most favorite of this festive season, Anne Sila Surprisingly Saturday night The Voice beat All Stars. From his first performance,
31-year-old singer, Who lost the final of Season 4 of The Voice, sang solo with Nolven Leroy and later Creep of Radiohead when he fell in love with Jack Braille.

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young lady, Who won 37.5% of the vote (Louis Delort, 20.8%, and MB14, 20.6% ahead), did not hide his surprise during the TF1 telecommunications. “I’m come a long way, and I’m glad to be here. I’m touched to be allowed (…) to choose our songs and arrange our songs. She is coming back.