October 28, 2021


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DickTalk bans the Milk Great challenge, which is considered the most dangerous

The Chinese social network needs to run the neutral again, blocking another dangerous challenge from its platform.

In social networks, all kinds of challenges are brigade, and we have to admit that they are not always very smart. After warning against Internet users “Silhouette Challenge” – Invites Internet users to keep their waist as thin as a sheet of paper, or vice versa “The challenge of flowering on the scalp” – Includes pulling your hair until a crackling noise comes in, doctors are now worried about a new trend Paul the Great Challenge.

Climb into the milk cartons

The new trend on social networks involves filming the Milk Great Challenge climbing the unstable pyramid of the Milky Way. The idea is not particularly clever, and it often ends there Spectacular waterfall, As well as major injuries. On social networks, many American emergency physicians warn against the risks of fractures and bleeding.

Tic Tac Toe reacts

To try on its own scale to block out the noise of the Milk Great Challenge, Dictac decided to do its part Block the hashtag #milkcratechallenge from its mechanism As well as search results related to this type of content. In response, social networking simply refers to “This rule may relate to behavior or content that violates our rules”. In the French application, searching for a dedicated hashtag provides access to many videos that critique the challenge, but none are featured directly.

JDG Credit

For their part, Baltimore health officials have warned Internet users against this dangerous challenge, which comes at a critical time for the city, whose emergency services are already in place. Completed with Govt-19 cases. At a time when the U.S. healthcare system is even worse off covering health care costs, young American teenagers who not only risk their health but also lend themselves to this challenge are at risk of paying the price for their stupidity.

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