Does David Miscavige Have Kids: What Happened To His Wife?


David Miscavige, as Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center, is the head of the Church of Scientology (RTC). Copyrights and trademarks for Dianetics and Scientology are owned by this American non-profit corporation. His ascent to power is rife with political intrigue, betrayal, and other elements typical of great classical drama.

He had been sick as a child, but after receiving a miraculous treatment, he and his family became devoted Scientologists. His dad says he was a strong and smart youngster, and that by the time he was 16, he had worked his way up to confidant status with Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

After Hubbard’s passing, he took control of the company and ran it like a tight ship. He has expanded the organisation abroad despite widespread criticism, negative media coverage, and even legal action. His wife, brother, niece, and even his father have all distanced themselves from him recently. His father even wrote a book on their relationship, in which he harshly criticised his son’s behaviour.

Does David Miscavige Have Kids

Does David Miscavige Have Kids With His Wife, Shelly Miscavige?

David and Shelly Miscavige do not have any children. Many individuals are looking for evidence of the couple’s inability to produce babies.

In the beginning, Shelly was Michele Diane Miscavige, a member of the Church of Scientology who has not been seen in public since August of 2007.

He tied the knot with his current spouse back in 1982, although it is unclear why they haven’t started a family yet. Given that they are both working on projects related to the Church, they may be more concerned with pinpointing their exact location than making individual plans.

Considering their advancing ages, they could not want children and haven’t said so publicly. It’s possible that he and his wife have enough employees’ families to run the business, or that they choose not to start a family for other reasons.

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What Happened To David Miscavige’s Wife?

Michele Diane “Shelly Miscavige”, a fellow member of the Sea Org and Miscavige’s wife, hasn’t been seen in public since August 2007. Multiple accounts claim that she vanished from Gold Base immediately after she “filed different job postings without her husband’s approval.”

A group of lawyers who claimed to represent Shelly told two UK newspapers in July 2012 that “she is not missing and devotes her period to the service of the Church of Scientology,” putting an end to months of media speculation regarding her location. Anonymous sources within the LAPD told Los Angeles Times reporter Andrew Blankstein in 2013 that they had “found and spoke” to Shelly Miscavige, thereby concluding their inquiry into the disappearance of actress and former Scientologist Leah Remini.

In response to reporters’ requests for comment on the report, LAPD officials said they would not comment. According to “former Sea Org members” quoted by Lawrence Wright, Shelly is currently being held in secure custody at Gold Base.

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